Nevada Sports Betting Apps

Nevada sports betting has a long and storied history. Even with legal sports betting now quickly spreading to other states, Nevada remains the epicenter of sports betting in America, and Nevada sports betting apps represent some of the largest sportsbooks in the world. In fact, Nevada has had online sports betting active longer than any other state in the US.

If you’re curious about how things stand for online sports betting apps in Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. This page is your best source of information about them, be it news or general updates.

Whether you live in Nevada or simply have a run to Las Vegas (or Reno or Tahoe) coming up, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how online sports betting works in the Silver State. Read on for all the details.

Top sports betting app bonuses in Nevada

Active sports betting apps in Nevada

Every major casino brand in Nevada has an online sportsbook app. In some cases, casino properties share the same app, either through shared corporate ownership or shared strategic partnerships.

For all of the casinos scattered throughout the state, there are in fact only about a dozen individual mobile sports betting apps. The combinations can make for some rather odd bedfellows — for instance, the Venetian and the Tropicana use the same app. Even so, each app’s team will typically generate its own odds, so it pays to shop around before you commit to one particular app.

However, one thing that you should bear in mind is the fact that Nevada does not permit you to open a sportsbook account remotely. To complete your registration and make your first deposit, you will have to travel to the land-based partner of your chosen app and register your account in person.

For the most part, that means that you’ll have to go somewhere in Las Vegas. Bear that in mind before you get started.

Here is an overview of all the sports betting apps you can use to place a sports bet in Nevada.


Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Aria, Bellagio, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, The Mirage, New York-New York, Park MGM

The online arm of one of the world’s largest gambling operators represents some of the biggest and most famous casinos in the world. Many of these properties are destinations by themselves.

BetMGM Nevada has all the standard offerings that you’d expect from a major sportsbook player. Both mainstream sporting events and lesser-known leagues are available on the app. If your bets meet certain conditions, you might be able to use the cash-out option to close them out before the game ends.

In addition, BetMGM expands upon the cash-out option in a way that makes the app a must-have. The edit my bet feature allows you not only to cash out but add to, change or augment your open wagers. This amount of flexibility is simply unavailable elsewhere.

Atlantis Race and Sports app

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Atlantis Casino

Almost every sportsbook app in Nevada calls Las Vegas home, naturally. The Atlantis Race and Sports app is a major exception to that rule. Instead, the app represents the Atlantis Casino in Reno, home of one of the most famous sportsbooks not located in Vegas.

Atlantis’ fame derives from the fact that it is the first sportsbook to release season win total predictions for Major League Baseball. For years, sharp bettors have made the trip to Atlantis to get the odds as early as possible, seconds after they are announced.

The app itself uses the Miomni Gaming platform. If you are looking for a sportsbook that is both independent and generates its odds itself, Atlantis might be the app for you. You can also bet on horse racing and find parlay cards through Atlantis.

If you’re interested in a flashy and slick site, though, then Atlantis is not the place to go. Its design is appealing enough, but it may have some loading time issues, and it’s a rather simple presentation.

You should also keep the remote registration restriction in mind. If you want to play on the Atlantis app, you’ll need to visit the Atlantis in Reno. If you live in Reno, that’s probably not an issue. If you are based in Vegas, though, there might be some logistical issues to work out.

That aside, if you’re a serious sports bettor looking for deals, Atlantis should be on your radar. Reno’s not a bad place to visit, either.

B-Connected Sports

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Aliante, Cannery, The California, Eastside Cannery, Fremont, Gold Coast, The Orleans, Sam’s Town, Suncoast

B-Connected Sports is the app that represents the suite of casinos under Boyd Gaming in Nevada. None of these properties is on the Las Vegas Strip, and most of them would be accurately described as locals’ casinos in Las Vegas.

However, Boyd Gaming has a fairly wide reach across the US. So, if you are a B-Connected player, you will find yourself eligible to use comps at Boyd casinos in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

B-Connected Sports app features a distinct app design that you cannot find elsewhere. The IGT-designed software is fast and pleasing to the eye.

You’re also unlikely to find a sportsbook with a larger menu of betting options than B-Connected. If you’re used to a more reserved offering, the app could potentially be a bit overwhelming … especially if you like live betting. Boyd generates all of its odds in-house, meaning you may not find those exact odds anywhere else.

Caesars Sportsbook

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Harrah’s Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, The Cromwell, The LINQ, Bally’s Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Caesars Palace, Harrah’s Laughlin, Harvey’s Resort Hotel/Casino, Harrah’s Casino Hotel Lake Tahoe

Nobody who hears the name Caesars is confused. It is one of the most recognizable casino brands on the planet, and it’s not a shock that it has a sportsbook app.

However, Caesars has recently improved its bona fides by merging with Eldorado Resorts. Eldorado, in turn, has a longstanding partnership with sportsbook titan William Hill. Caesars has wasted no time in taking advantage of this relationship. In August of 2023, the William Hill sports betting app converted to a Caesars interface.

This Caesars book might also present the easiest route for new players of any Nevada sportsbook. Between the two partners, you won’t find more retail betting shops that you can visit to make your deposit.

Circa Sports

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Circa Las Vegas, Golden Gate

The newest sportsbook app in Nevada represents the newest sportsbook in Nevada. Circa Sports launched in 2019 as a prelude to the debut of Circa Las Vegas in October 2020.

So far, Circa Sports performs as you might expect a newcomer would. On the one hand, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an app that has a sleeker presentation. There are lots of things to like about the app, including the distinctive betting options.

However, there are also some unusual limitations on the offerings, particularly with regard to live betting. It is also not possible to peruse the lines on the Circa Sports app without an account, and although this issue is likely to be addressed in a future update, it does make line shopping more difficult.

On the bright side, Circa Sports does offer mobile contests to casual users, which is not a common feature for most Nevada sportsbooks. The contests allow players to avoid having to make the trip into Las Vegas, at least temporarily.

There are many signs of good things to come with Circa. You would not be making a mistake to get in on the ground floor.

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Golden Nugget

To no one’s surprise, the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app is linked to the casino of the same name. The app is powered by Stadium Technology software, which, until recently, was primarily the back-end technology for Nevada sportsbook apps.

Now that more apps are using Stadium for the front end, you can find several that look similar in presentation to Golden Nugget. By and large, you’ll have to keep an eye out for the color schemes and branding.

Golden Nugget is an independent sportsbook operator and generates its own lines. However, a quirk stemming from its ownership means that you can find odds for NBA games that are impossible elsewhere.

Golden Nugget is owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by billionaire Tilman Fertitta. Fertitta owns many other companies and assets, including the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

Because of Nevada gambling rules, Golden Nugget cannot offer any action on the Rockets whatsoever. That means no bets that the presence of the Rockets might affect. As a result, NBA futures bets at Golden Nugget NV are always different from any other sportsbook app. The omission means that the odds must change, and changing odds mean opportunities might loom larger or smaller.

You should make the Golden Nugget app a must-have if you plan to bet on NBA games. Even if you only plan to use it as a comparison, it is still valuable.

STN Sports

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Boulder Station, El Cortez, Fiesta Henderson, Fiesta Rancho, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station, Wildfire Casinos

The STN Sports app serves the 10 casinos in the Red Rock Resorts portfolio (sometimes called the Station casinos) and the El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas. Like the properties under Boyd Gaming’s umbrella, these casinos are either locals’ casinos or off the beaten path of the Las Vegas Strip.

Nevertheless, the app itself is perfectly serviceable and should be familiar to those who use other Nevada sportsbook apps. The app is a product of Miomni Gaming and uses Stadium Technology, so it looks quite similar to other apps. The biggest difference is the color scheme and branding.

However, there are a couple of features that do separate STN from other apps in the state. For one thing, you’ll probably find more options for live betting on STN than you will elsewhere. In fact, you’ll usually find more betting options in general.

STN also features an integrated horse betting function that should be a bonus for sports bettors who are also handicappers. The two functions allow for seamless transitions of funds, and it’s very convenient.

STN is one of the only apps to use biometric sign-ins, too. Both face and touch ID are available to access your account. It’s an extra layer of convenience and security not commonly found elsewhere.

Rampart Sports App/South Point NV

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Rampart, South Point

Here we have one of the strangest app situations in all of Nevada. Two unrelated casinos in different parts of the Las Vegas metroplex have their own branded sportsbook apps, but the apps are also interchangeable with each other.

The Rampart Sports App serves the Rampart Casino in Summerlin. The Rampart is part of the JW Marriott complex in the massive master-planned community.

The South Point NV app is, unsurprisingly, the sportsbook app for the South Point Casino. The South Point is aptly named, as it is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, but some 20 miles south of the Strip.

Even though these two properties are owned by different entities, the Rampart Sports App relies on South Point for all of its odds and many of its functionalities.

Although this situation is strange, one or both of these apps should be part of your repertoire in Nevada. South Point offers some of the best odds that you can find anywhere, ones that are simply unavailable on any other app.

Now, a couple of caveats before you get too excited. For one thing, the South Point retail sportsbook posts these odds before they make it to the app, so the retail customers can often get the absolute best deals available.

The other thing is that the South Point app (and Rampart) do not allow any sort of mobile transactions. You will have to visit one of the two locations in person in order to move money around.

If you happen to live or are staying in the Summerlin area or if South Point is convenient to you, then you may not mind — there certainly will be fewer lines to negotiate. However, if you want a truly mobile sports betting experience, you probably aren’t going to use South Point very often. Be aware, though — those odds are really great.

TI Sports

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Treasure Island

TI Sports is the sportsbook app for Treasure Island, one of the more recognizable properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Once a part of the MGM Resorts family, TI has been an independent casino and sportsbook since 2009.

Unfortunately, the best word to describe the TI Sports app is “perfunctory.” It uses Miomni design and Stadium Technology like many other apps, but there’s really not much to say beyond that.

In fact, there are fewer choices on TI Sports than you’ll find on other apps, including those with the same design and infrastructure. Common features like live betting, parlay cards, and horse betting simply aren’t available.

That’s not to say that you cannot use TI successfully. It is a secure site, one of a few to use biometric sign-ins. However, unless you’re staying at TI and/or have a particular soft spot for it, there are probably better options elsewhere, including next door at Mirage.

Westgate Superbook

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Westgate Las Vegas

Here we have a fairly rudimentary app with a few bells and whistles that you absolutely must use. The Westgate Superbook app is the mobile version of the most famous sportsbook in the world.

In fact, many of the odds that you’ve seen over the years have originated at the Westgate Superbook. The retail sportsbook is known for its variety of choices and willingness to accept massive wagers.

The app itself is, like many others, powered by Stadium Technology. The aesthetic is clean, simple, and mostly without frills. However, you are unlikely to find more sports and more ways to wager than at the Westgate Superbook. It’s almost to the point that if you can imagine a bet, you can find it here.

Now, unfortunately, you’ll have to have an account with this app in order to see its odds. You will also have to either visit the book in person or use the branded prepaid card to fund your account.

Those elements should not be a deterrence if you’re a serious sports bettor. Even if you’re just using the odds for shopping purposes, the Westgate is probably the closest thing to a benchmark that you’ll find in sports betting.

Wynn Sports

Nevada sportsbooks on this app: Encore, Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Sports app serves the two hotels founded and (until 2018) operated by embattled casino mogul Steve Wynn. Despite their visibility, the two hotels are independent of any major chain and, as a result, use their own sportsbook and app.

To tell the truth, the Miomni app is nothing to write home about. It looks similar to many other sportsbook apps in Nevada, and its text can be difficult to make out at times.

It’s easy enough to use, and navigation is intuitive. However, Wynn does not appear to be motivated to do any updates, so if you want a more aesthetically appealing app, Wynn is probably not the choice for you.

The only thing that stands out is the integration of racing into the book’s offerings. You can find options for both horse and dog racing on this app, which is unusual for many of Nevada’s sportsbooks.

This app is not designed for serious sports bettors, however. It is very much a mere convenience for visitors to the hotels. Check it out if you like, but it’s probably not going to be your home base for sports betting.

Sports betting app instructions for Apple users

Nevada’s approach to registration at sportsbook apps means that you will have to go through a few extra or different steps than you would in other states. However, for the most part, the procedure will be the same.

Mobile devices in the US tend to come with one of two operating systems. Devices produced by Apple such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches all run with the proprietary iOS software. Here’s how to get a Nevada sportsbook app on one of those devices:

  • Use the appropriate link above to the sportsbook of your choice.
  • Download the app to your device as you would any other.
  • If you already have an account with the sportsbook in question, then you can simply log in. However, if you do not, you need to look for a link that says “Register,” “Get started” or something similar.
  • Although you can wait until you get to the physical location if you prefer, it’s probably better to go ahead and proceed as far as you’re able with the registration process.
  • At some point, you’ll be directed to visit the nearest land-based location for your sportsbook. Make sure that you have a photo ID with you.
  • Once you’ve arrived there, the app should prompt you to complete your registration. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to speak to one of the sportsbook attendants.
  • You should also think about bringing cash with you to the retail sportsbook. Many sportsbook apps require a cash transaction for the first deposit.

System requirements

For the most part, you should be in good shape if you have iOS version 8 or above. Some individual apps might come with other requirements, but most of them will work just fine at this level.

Sports betting app instructions for Android users

The other major type of device format in the US is the Android platform. Android users actually outnumber Apple users, as the format is the system of choice across a wide suite of brands.

With that said, Android is, first and foremost, a product of Google and is inextricably linked to the Google Play Store. Because of that, it is not possible to download Nevada sports betting apps directly, since Google bans those kinds of apps in the store. Instead, here’s what to do:

  • First, go to your device’s settings menu. Under the security tab, you can toggle your device to accept downloads from unknown sources. Make sure that you set your phone to do so.
  • Use our link above to go straight to a sportsbook site. You will either go to the download page on the sportsbook’s website itself or you’ll be automatically prompted to download the .apk file.
  • Once the file downloads, it should install onto your phone. You may have to confirm a warning pop-up or two, but all of the sites above are secure and safe.
  • After that, the procedure is almost identical to what it is for Apple users. Find and fill out the registration form as best you can.
  • When you receive the instruction to go to a land-based sportsbook, make sure you bring a photo ID with you. Also, bring cash, as your first deposit must be made in-person and usually needs to be cash.
  • After you arrive, the app should be able to detect that you are onsite at one of its locations. If not, or if you have some other issue, there should be plenty of personnel to help.

System requirements

Not all apps are the same, of course. However, we can safely tell you that version 5.1 of the Android software should be sufficient or more than sufficient to run Nevada’s sportsbook apps.

Who is allowed to bet on sports in Nevada?

Nevada’s laws regarding bettor eligibility are mostly uniform, regardless of whether you’re betting in-person or through a device. You must be 21 or older and inside the state of Nevada. Every app uses geolocation software to keep tabs on your location whenever you play, and you will not be able to bet if the software cannot confirm you under these two criteria at all times.

Nevada sports betting app bonuses

Most apps in new sports betting states have extensive bonus structures. The desire to grab market share and the likelihood of remote registration means that operators have to step a bit quicker to attract customers.

Furthermore, Nevada online sports betting apps are, more than just about anywhere else, extensions of the land-based sportsbooks and casinos in the state themselves. Although other states do have in-state partner requirements, few of them seem to put the land-based side as far forward as Nevada.

As a result, bonuses in Nevada are not nearly as common as they are elsewhere. By far, the most common type of bonus you’ll find in Nevada is the loyalty program. Since every app is so linked with the land-based sportsbook and you can more easily take advantage of the perks in the state, you can accrue points on most Nevada sportsbook apps.

However, you may encounter the following types of bonuses from time to time in Nevada:

  • No deposit bonuses: Bonuses that do not require any investment.
  • Deposit bonuses: The sportsbook will match a percentage of your deposit as extra money in your account.
  • Cashback or insurance: Designated bets or times of the day are eligible for a refund if you happen to lose.
  • bonus bets: In exchange for betting a certain way, you may receive vouchers to place bets of a certain value.
  • Odds boosts: Certain betting options might see increased odds as a means of drawing more action.

Most bonuses are likely beneficial, although they shouldn’t be the main reason you play. However, make sure you check the terms and conditions before you do. In many cases, the bonus may require you to play a certain amount of money or time before it is released to you.

Sports you can bet on in Nevada

If it’s played, you can bet on it in Nevada. Nevada continues to be the center of the sports betting universe — for the US, anyway — and you can find a way to bet on every sport under the sun, no matter where or when it’s played. That means you can find the following sports (and more) for betting in Nevada:

  • Australian rules football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Esports
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Horse racing
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

This list is not meant to be comprehensive in the slightest. Check with the apps to find their exact offerings, but we have already mentioned several apps that excel in offering a large menu of options. There’s really no reason that, if you want to bet on something, you can’t do it in Nevada.

Types of sports bets in Nevada

Along with offering every sport for betting that you can imagine, you can make every type of bet, too. After all, Nevada was the only place that you could place a sports wager for decades, so sportsbooks in the state had to be as flexible as they could for all the incoming money.

Of course, sports betting continues to evolve and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to the types of bets you can make. The advent of sports betting technology has created an entirely new class of wagers that is now often the most common type of bet.

There are also features that you can use to control your wagers in previously impossible ways. However, before we get to those innovations, here is a brief list of all the standard types of bets you can make in Nevada:

  • Point spreads
  • Moneylines
  • Totals, aka “over/unders
  • Futures
  • Propositions, aka “props
  • Parlays, including teasers, pleasers, and round robins

Live betting

However, the real story about Nevada’s sports betting apps is live betting. Live betting, or in-game betting, is a type of proposition wager that allows you to bet after a game has started.

Most of the betting options that you see are short-term events. You might see options relating to the end of the half, end of the quarter, or even the end of the next play. Because there are so many events over the course of a game, it’s not uncommon to see live betting expand the number of wagers on a single contest over 100.

Now, the catch is that live betting is extremely difficult to execute at a retail sportsbook. Operators need the technological advantages afforded by apps in order to move quickly enough with the settling of live bets.

Live betting is still fairly new for US bettors and sportsbooks. Several Nevada sportsbook apps still do not offer live betting, a reflection of the more “old-school” nature of sports betting in Nevada.

However, live betting is not going away, and the chance to make more bets over the course of a game is appealing to sportsbooks and bettors alike. Tread carefully if you decide to give live betting a try — it’s easy to get carried away and overextend yourself. That said, live betting can be a wonderful way to augment the bets that you’ve already made, either to capitalize on your predictions that are coming true or hedge against the ones that are going awry.

Cashing out early

The option to cash out early began in the US as a bit of a novelty. It has quickly become a must-have for real money sports betting apps because of the flexibility it affords both players and operators.

The cash-out option activates if a wager meets certain criteria during the course of a game. Essentially, if it becomes more likely that the wager will win, the sportsbook will begin to offer settlement amounts.

Now, to be clear, these amounts won’t be for the full value of the payout that a winning bet would generate. You might be wondering why a player would ever accept less.

The short answer is that it’s a sure thing. The buyout amount is based solely on the status of the game at that moment, and a reversal of fortune during the game could see the amount reduced or even taken away entirely.

So, if booking a win is more valuable to you than receiving the full measure of your payout, you can do so via cashing out. Even if your bet would have ended up losing, you’ll still have the money safe in your account.

Advantages of using Nevada sports betting apps

Nevada is home to a plethora of sportsbook apps. Every major casino has an app associated with it, and many smaller properties do, too. If you choose to use a Nevada sportsbook app, there are several advantages you will find over the retail version of sports betting.

  • Ease: Unsurprisingly, the most obvious advantage is that you don’t have to leave your house or office to place a wager. You can simply use your mobile device to log in, place the bet that you want, and go back to whatever you were doing. It takes less time, and you don’t have to worry about making it to the window in time. It’s also safer since you don’t have to get on the road and battle traffic.
  • Betting options: Simply put, you will find more bets that you can make through an app. Retail sportsbooks, even though they probably have the technology to do so, cannot logistically offer nearly the same variety of wagers, particularly when it comes to live betting. Trying to manage a horde of bettors racing to the teller window would simply be untenable in a land-based sportsbook, but it’s no big deal if everyone’s on a device.
  • Control: Along with increased betting options, you have so many more choices and abilities through an app than you do at a retail sportsbook. The concept of adjusting a wager, including closing it out early like with the cash-out option, is alien to land-based books, for the most part. As the issue with live betting, the logistics simply don’t work, so you have to wait for your wager to resolve without any way to adjust. Apps don’t mind letting you play around, though.

Disadvantages of using a sportsbook app

Of course, like all things, there are some downsides to using an app versus betting in person. It’s important that you realize the cons of playing with your device, and why you might not want to write off retail sportsbooks completely.

  • Not always easier: This disadvantage is, unfortunately, specific to Nevada sportsbook apps. Because remote registration is not permitted, you will have to visit the land-based home of your app at least once to get started. Furthermore, some apps do not permit mobile transactions at all, so you will have to travel to the sportsbook to make deposits and withdrawals, as well.
  • Lacking social interactions: Although everyone is betting individually, you cannot deny that there is a social component to retail sports betting. The comfy chairs and couches that populate most big sportsbooks are some of the best seats in the house and allow you to comfortably watch games for hours. You can chat with fellow bettors, and even celebrate when your bets and their bets come in. If you’re betting on an app from home, you’re not going to have the same opportunity — your spouse, children and/or pets are probably tired of hearing about your wagers by now.
  • Technology challenges: In a retail sportsbook, you pick your bet, you tell the cashier, the cashier prints the slip, and you’re all set. If you’re technologically challenged, it’s no big deal. However, for those who are all thumbs on mobile, a sportsbook app might only add stress to the pressure of betting profitably. Even if you’re comfortable with using your mobile device, the best sports betting apps can sometimes crash or go down for maintenance and leave you, at best, unable to place wagers. A retail sportsbook doesn’t usually have downtime.
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