TI Mobile Sports Real Money Sports Betting Mobile App

About TI Mobile Sports app

TI Mobile Sports is the sports betting app for Treasure Island. The casino originally opened under Steve Wynn in 1993. The full-service sportsbook inside the casino is one of the more underrated on the Vegas Strip. The brick and mortar sportsbook inside of the casino includes excellent viewing screens, comfortable seating, and complimentary drink tickets when bettors place wagers. The compact sportsbook frequently has open seating when other sportsbooks are overcrowded during major sporting events.

Treasure Island has one of the few remaining independent sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip. The odds, lines, and point spreads are only available in the sportsbook and on this app. Treasure Island is often a forgotten option for those searching for the best sports wagering lines on the Vegas Strip.

The TI Mobile Sports app, and all sports betting apps from Nevada is only available within state lines. The app provider uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device.

TI Mobile Sports software

TI Mobile Sports uses miomni software that you’ll find on many other Nevada sports wagering apps. Underneath the miomni skin, the app uses backend technology from Stadium Technology.

The menus use red text on a white background. Each individual page features odds using white text on a gray background. This color combination can be a strain on the eyes if used too long.

Similar to some other miomni apps, this app features the use of biometrics to log into an account. Face or fingerprint ID is both a convenient and secure method to log into the app. This feature isn’t used with most Nevada sports wagering apps.

Apps that use miomni software are popular with casino operators. The user interface is similar to many other sports wagering apps available in Nevada. This is often comforting for the user. The app is easy to use and operates smoothly.

TI Mobile Sports has fewer features than some other miomni apps. The app doesn’t offer horse racing, parlay cards, or In Play wagering.

TI Mobile Sports sign-up

Players may download this app in advance of visiting the casino. Everyone must sign up for an account in person at the Treasure Island sportsbook inside the brick and mortar casino. Unfortunately, there aren’t options to do any paperwork before visiting the casino.

The process to sign up for a mobile sports wagering account is simple and should take about 10-15 minutes to file paperwork. The only requirements to sign up for TI Mobile Sports are to bring a legal ID and a Social Security Number.

Funding TI Mobile Sports

Players must fund mobile wagering accounts in person at the Treasure Island sportsbook inside the casino. All accounts must be started with cash. The minimum deposit to start an account is $100.

Types of bets with TI Mobile Sports

The odds, point spreads, and lines should be the same on the app as they are at brick and mortar casino sportsbook. Players can make the following bets:

  • Point spread
  • Moneyline
  • Parlay
  • Round robin
  • Teaser
  • Futures

Treasure Island doesn’t offer a very large sports wagering menu. This is one of the smaller Nevada casinos on the Strip. This sportsbook caters mostly to tourists just looking for daily events and traditional wagering options. Treasure Island offers unique lines, odds, and point spreads that may not be available at other Nevada sportsbooks.

Minimum and maximum wagers with the TI Mobile Sports App

The minimum wager with TI Mobile Sports is $5. The maximum wager is different for each customer. Treasure Island is a casino for recreational gamblers. Maximum wagers on this app are among the lowest in Las Vegas.  Players should speak with the sportsbook operator when opening an account if they’d like to place high-limit wagers. However, maximum wagers available will likely be under $1,000.

It should be noted that this app temporarily closed a few years ago after some professional gamblers won too many wagers on soft numbers. Don’t expect to place high limits wagers through TI Mobile Sports.

Withdrawals from TI Mobile Sports

Players may only withdraw funds from TI Mobile Sports at the brick and mortar sportsbook at Treasure Island. The only person who can withdraw funds is the person who signed up for the account.

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