B-Connected Sports Real Money Sports Betting Mobile App

B-Connected Sports Nevada App Review

B-Connected Sports is the sports betting application from Boyd Gaming (previously Coast Casinos). Boyd is a national casino operator with properties around the country.

Boyd Gaming has two distinct casino sectors in Nevada.

One sector is for local residents throughout Las Vegas. The other block of properties is in downtown Las Vegas and caters more to tourists. Each Nevada Boyd Gaming sportsbook offers the same odds, lines, and point spreads.

The B-Connected Sports app offers even more wagering options than you’ll find in the retail sportsbooks. Boyd Gaming creates all lines for its B-Connected Sports app in Nevada.

The company’s retail and mobile sportsbooks outside of Nevada are operated by FanDuel. There’s no timetable for when and if FanDuel will enter the Nevada sports betting market for Boyd Gaming.

B-Connected Sports is a unique sports betting app for the Silver State for a good reason. While Las Vegas residents make up the majority of customers for Boyd Gaming casinos and sportsbooks in Nevada, they don’t account for all wagers.

Boyd Gaming properties have a good mix of local and tourist customers. The B-Connected Sports app’s odds reflect these differences.

The app is popular with Las Vegas residents for two main reasons. First, the convenience of betting on sports with an app is great for a local who doesn’t want to drive to a casino just to place a wager.

Another reason is simply that casino visitors don’t want to stand in line at the retail sportsbook when it’s busy. All Las Vegas sportsbooks can get very busy during football season and big events like the first weekend of March Madness. Using a mobile app to place wagers is convenient and a time saver.

The latest B-Connected Sports app is quite different from previous incarnations. In addition to a new look, there’s a much larger betting menu. Parimutuel horse racing is now part of the app. In mid-2021, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved shared wallets between sports and pari-mutuel horse racing.

B-Connected Sports, and all sports betting apps from Nevada casinos can only be used within state lines. The app provider uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device. All B-Connected Sports app users must be 21 years of age to open and use the account.

This B-Connected Sports Nevada review breaks down how the betting app works on Android and iOS and how to deposit or cashout.

B-Connected Sportsbook Loyalty Program

B-Connected isn’t only the name of the Boyd Gaming sports betting app. It’s also the name of the national casino operator’s loyalty program.

Boyd Gaming doesn’t have a specific loyalty program for sports bettors. Like the rest of casino games, all points accrued from wagers on sports earn points towards the B-Connected program.

B-Connected rewards can be earned and used at the following Boyd Gaming properties in Las Vegas:

  • Aliante
  • Cannery
  • California
  • Eastside Cannery
  • Fremont
  • Gold Coast
  • Main Street Station
  • The Orleans
  • Sam’s Town
  • Suncoast

In addition to casinos in Las Vegas, Boyd Gaming has properties in the following states. Casinos in these states are good options for players who’d like to use B-Connected points elsewhere:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Lousiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Pennsylvania

Earning B-Connected Rewards points is usually a simple dollar to points ratio. It’s not quite that simple for sports betting, however. Sports bettors can earn $1 towards rewards on any wager with a payout of the following:

  • 500/1 – Earns 12 points
  • 300/1 up to 500/1 – Earns 11 points
  • 200/1 up to 300/1 – Earns 10 points
  • 100/1 up to 200/1 – Earns 9 points
  • 50/1 up to 100/1 – Earns 8 points
  • 30/1 up to 50/1 – Earns 6 points
  • 10/1 up to 30/1 – Earns 5 points
  • 5/1 up to 10/1 – Earns 4 points
  • 4/1 up to 5/1 – Earns 3 points
  • 3/1 up to 4/1 – Earns 2 points
  • 1/1 up to 3/1 – Earns 1 point

Additionally, sports bettors can also earn $1 towards B-Connected points on any wager with odds of:

  • Even money to -120 – Earns 0.5 points
  • -121 to -150 – Earns 0.25 points
  • -151 to -250 – Earns 0.15 points
  • -250 – Earns 0.10 points

B-Connected points are redeemable at restaurants and other outlets inside Boyd Gaming casinos as well as affiliated partners. Gamblers may also redeem points for FastPlay to use while playing machine games at the properties.

Sign Up For B-Connected Sports Nevada

Players may download the B-Connected Sports app anywhere. However, you must sign up for an account in person at a Boyd Gaming retail sportsbook inside of specific Las Vegas casinos. Boyd Gaming has 10 properties in Las Vegas, but new customers may only sign up at a handful of properties in Las Vegas.

B-Connected Sports accounts can only be opened and funded in person at the sportsbook inside the following Boyd Gaming casinos:

  • California
  • Fremont
  • Gold Coast
  • The Orleans
  • Sam’s Town
  • Suncoast

It should take about 10-15 minutes to sign up for a B-Connected sports wagering account. Anyone signing up for an account must be at least 21 years old, have a valid government ID (i.e. driver’s license) and active B-Connected players club card. Additionally, customers should know their social security number.

B-Connected sports betting app review

The B-Connected Sports Nevada sportsbook app uses IGT software. No other sportsbook in Nevada currently uses this platform. This makes B-Connected Sports unlike any other sports betting apps in the Silver State.

The app is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and it is simple to navigate and place wagers on, despite having a massive wagering menu.

The B-Connected Nevada sportsbook app opens to a home page with multiple menus. Beneath the masthead, there’s a menu for featured events, live betting and upcoming games.

The “featured” tab on the home page allows players to filter the games by sport. Not all sports can be seen, as these are only featured events.

The live tab brings up all events that are available for in-play wagering. The “upcoming games” are featured events taking place in the future. This section may be confusing for some as the events might be farther away than expected.

The top of every page has a hamburger menu icon on the left. This menu has links to basic information like house rules, FAQs, terms and conditions, and other corporate information.

There’s an icon for a player to sign into an account at the top or bottom right of the home page.

There’s a home button on the bottom of each page, as well as a tab to look at odds from all sports and leagues from the massive wagering menu. Similar to some other Nevada sports betting apps, the bet slip tab is located at the bottom of all pages. This section is populated by picks. A bettor must confirm the wagers for the bet to count.

The B-Connected Sports app is fast, responsive and intuitive. Bettors shouldn’t have any problems finding events thanks to the alphabetical list accessible from every page. The massive list of sports might be one of the best selling points for the B-Connected Sports app.

In addition to a betting menu that offers a lot of events, the B-Connected sports betting app might offer the most derivative wagers for games. These wagers include game and player propositions, as well alternative point spreads and totals.

This app uses some different terms that veteran sports bettors might not be used to. For example, the puck line in hockey and run line in baseball is listed as a point spread.

Baseball bettors will also notice that the first five inning bets are listed as “first half” bets. The different terminology takes a minute to get used to, but doesn’t change any of the mechanics of placing a bet.

Live Betting With B-Connected Sports

Live in-play betting has come a long way with the current B-Connected Nevada sportsbook app. In fact, it might become one of the reasons sports bettors move to the new Boyd Gaming sports betting app.

In-play betting is front and center with the B-Connected Sports app. Users will see where to find live betting opportunities as soon as they open the app. “LIVE” is highlighted in red in the main featured betting tab in the upper center portion of the home page.

Tapping the icon will quickly bring up the live events currently taking place.

The newest B-Connected Sports app takes live in-play betting to a new level for Boyd Gaming sports bettors. In addition to major professional US sportsNBA, NFL, NBA, NHL – there are live betting opportunities for less popular sports.

On any given morning in Nevada, international sports fans will wake up to live betting options for sports like soccer and tennis. In addition to having the wagering options, the live betting modules offer instant scoring updates.

It’s easy to see scores and odds changes in the individual game module as well as on the live section of the home page.

Depending on the event, the individual game modules can be stacked with live betting options. There are a multitude of derivative betting options, including alternative totals and point spreads. The B-Connected app offers more live in-play betting opportunities than many other Nevada sportsbook apps.

The new live betting options should be a reason Nevada sports bettors use the new B-Connected Sports app. In addition to all of the features, the app is quick and responsive. Both are important features for live betting with a mobile sports wagering app.

B-Connected Sports betting options

The B-Connected sportsbook app offers a larger sports betting menu than many sportsbooks in Nevada.

However, the sheer number of opportunities could create a pause with some bettors who prefer a smaller menu. A comparison between fast food restaurant options and a Cheesecake Factory menu wouldn’t be entirely off-base.

For some customers, less is more. Similarly, sports bettors looking for new sports and ways to bet should be excited by the event and wagering choices available. B-Connected Sports offers all of the basic sports bets:

  • Straight bets (moneyline and point spreads)
  • Alternative bets (moneyline and point spreads)
  • Futures
  • Yes/No Futures
  • Propositions (props)
  • Matchups
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Parlay Cards
  • Round robins
  • In-Play (Live betting)

The number of sports available isn’t matched by many other Nevada sportsbook apps. Similarly, the B-Connected Sports app offers a variety of wagering opportunities available before and during games that few others offer.

B-Connected Sports Software

B-Connected Sports uses software created by IGT. In fact, Boyd Gaming uses IGT for its brick and mortar Nevada sportsbooks too. IGT provides backend products for the staff as well as retail products like kiosks for customers.

The software looks different from all other apps in Nevada. The B-Connected Nevada sportsbook app is easy to read with black text on a white background. Spreads, moneylines, totals and all odds are in gray boxes with dark text.

These techniques are traditional and easy to read without strain. The shaded boxes bring the eyes to the different odds options available for each game.

Once a wager is selected, the gray odds boxes turn to gold. A new box pops up below for the bettor to enter how much money they’d like to wager.

The bettor can continue browsing games, and the bet moves to the bet slip at the bottom of the page. The bet slip has a gold number icon so the user can see how many picks they’ve made in case a parlay is in the works.

Live in-play bettors will see the odds change constantly throughout events. When odds improve, the shaded box has a green arrow. When the odds are worse, the shaded box has a red arrow.

In addition to a good, easy to read design, the B-Connected Sports app is quick, responsive and easy to use.

There’s only one version of the app available for all mobile devices. Phone and tablet users will use the same B-Connected Sports app.

B-Connected Sportsbook Banking Options: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods


New B-Connected Sports accounts must initially be funded in person at one of the following retail Boyd Gaming sportsbooks in Las Vegas:

  • California
  • Fremont
  • Gold Coast
  • The Orleans
  • Sam’s Town
  • Suncoast

Funding an account can be a bit easier after the initial registration. Customers can return to a brick and mortar casino if they prefer, but there’s another way to deposit or withdraw funds. Players can make subsequent deposits directly from the B-Connected Sports app via mobile with Play+.

The minimum deposit to start an account is $50. An account may be set up with cash or casino chips.
There are sometimes bonuses available for opening new accounts. The B-Connected Sports app, bconnectedsports.com, and retail sportsbooks will have information for any current promotions.


Players may withdraw funds from the B-Connected Sports app at any of the following Boyd Gaming sportsbooks:

  • California
  • Fremont
  • Gold Coast
  • The Orleans
  • Sam’s Town
  • Suncoast

Funds will only be released to the person who set up the account when visiting a retail sportsbook. Additionally, B-Connected Sports users can withdraw funds from anywhere using a Play+ account.

B-Connected Sports Prepaid Card Details

Once a B-Connected Sports account is registered and funded in person at a Boyd Gaming sportsbook, players can sign up for a Play+ prepaid debit card account.

Play+ is used to fund or withdraw from many Nevada sports wagering accounts. The online service is an FDIC insured reloadable account that can also be used to fund and withdraw from B-Connected Sports wagering accounts.

Setting up a Play+ account is simple and takes just a few minutes. Here are the steps to set up an account right on the B-Connected Sports app:

    1. Log in to the B-Connected Sports mobile app in the upper right corner
    2. Select “$” in the menu bar
    3. Choose “Manage Funds”
    4. Select “B Connected Play+”

After completing the signup process, the player may add or withdraw funds directly from the app without visiting a casino again.

Signing up for a Play+ account is free. There are no fees to deposit and withdraw funds. However, the convenience of having an account comes with a price. For example, there is a $2.95 monthly fee if an account hasn’t been active for a year.

Each sportsbook may change its fees. Here are some other fees a player may come across:

  • $2 fee to transfer funds to a bank account
  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • Various ATM fees (Play+ is a prepaid Discover debit card)
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