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Nevada casinos plan to offer new sports betting platforms in 2022 to allow for remote registration

Could 2022 Be The Year Nevada Sports Betting Apps Allow Remote Account Registration?

Corporate earnings calls offer a lot of information to the investment community. The vast majority of the topics discussed during these calls are financial. They have little impact on the day-to-day customer experience. Every now and again, there’s some actionable information that sheds light on plans that will directly alter how consumers use those products. […]
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Nevada Gaming Commission's Jennifer Togliatti

New Nevada Gaming Commission Chair Has A Lot On Her Plate

In October, former Judge Jennifer Togliatti was appointed chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). This is a significant appointment. Togliatti is the first female chair of the NGC in its 62-year history. Togliatti is a former prosecutor and Clark Count District Court Judge. She received a bachelor’s degree from UNLV in 1989. Following this, […]
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