Circa Sports Contests Come Down To Final Day Of NFL Season

Written By Marc Meltzer on January 10, 2023 - Last Updated on January 23, 2023
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The annual Circa Sports pro football contests increased the total prize pool available in its 2022 pro football contests to a total of $12 million. Neither of the contests was resolved until the final week of the NFL season.

The Circa Sports Millions contest winner couldn’t celebrate their win until the end of the season’s final game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. The Circa Survivor contest finished after the Seattle Seahawks won earlier on Sunday.

This season, the Circa Sports Million prize pool increased from $4 million to $6 million. The grand prize for winning the contest at the end of the season is $1 million plus the Circa Sports blue blazer.

Once again, the Circa Survivor contest had a guaranteed grand prize of $6 million. Circa Survivor once again had $6 million in prizes available. Neither winner qualified for a possible $1 million bonus on the Circa Sports Nevada sports betting app.

Circa Survivor winners

Circa Survivor is a $1,000-per-entry survivor-style contest where players need to pick one winner each week. The Circa twist on this type of competition is that there are 20 “weeks” instead of 18, like most survivor contests.

The season kicked off with 6,133 entries. Only three contestants were alive heading into the final week of the NFL’s regular season. The final three players each picked a different team to take them to the promised land and a share of the $6.133 million prize:

  • Brown A – Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Jed – Seattle Seahawks
  • The Enemy Within – Indianapolis Colts

Brown A and Jed finished the Circa Survivor contest 20-0, while The Enemy Within lost with the Colts selection to finish 19-1. The Enemy Within lost its final selection with a brutal beat when the Colts lost to the Houston Texans, who came from behind to win on a late touchdown and two-point conversion.

While Brown A and Jed will technically split the grand prize, it appears as though The Enemy Within will take home some of that cash for their efforts.

Mike Barth (AKA The Enemy Within) told VSiN, “We were well-hedged, so we’re fine.” He also told VSiN “that the three finalists reached a partial chop and agreed they could say they made a deal but had a non-disclosure agreement about the details.”

Circa Sports had an additional $1 million prize for any contestant that didn’t use the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. Both winners used at least one of those teams during the year and didn’t qualify for the extra cash.

Circa Sports Millions winner

Circa Sports Million is a traditional pro football handicapping contest where players choose five teams weekly against a static point spread. There are quarterly prizes throughout the season.

The $ 1,000-per-entry contest had a record 4,691 entries this season. The grand prize for having the best record at the end of the contest is a cool $1 million.

Circa Sports Millions wasn’t resolved until the final game of the NFL regular season. The entries known as CHIEF-3 and Enut34-1 were tied for first place going into the Lions vs. Packers game on Sunday night.

Both participants had a pick on each side of this game. CHIEF-3 had the Lions +4.5 and Enut34-1 had the Packers -4.5.

The Lions scored a fourth-quarter touchdown to win the game. This propelled CHIEF-3 to win the Circa Sports Million contest and $1 million.

As one would expect, the CHIEF-3 contingent on hand at Circa Resort celebrated as the game came to an end.

CHIEF-3 finished the contest with an overall record of 59-26-5.

Visit the Circa Sports blog to see how the final day of both contests went for all players still alive in Circa Survivor and Circa Sports Millions.

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