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[toc]This is a special time for sports betting. Sports betting is breaking new ground in the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Before the landmark decision, the mainstream media dipped their toes into the world of gambling news and information. This is good for all sports bettors. And it will only become more commonplace that betting is discussed in the open and on the air.

Sports betting gaining traction with mainstream sports media

There was a time not too long ago when lines, point spreads and odds weren’t mentioned on televised sports broadcasts. That’s changing. Frequently, TV and radio sports networks along with websites are beginning to use sports betting information alongside basic information like time, date, and location of the game.

Additionally, there are more mainstream media outlets that are openly analyzing games. Then they are making picks using sports betting odds and information. There’s even been a change in how mainstream media references gambling odds. They used to use odds from any source and refer to the information as something that came “from Vegas.” Most media now refer to specific Las Vegas sports book odds when they refer to information being “from Vegas.”

VSiN aims to be the premier sports betting media outlet

There’s one network that’s taking on sports betting head first. The Vegas Sports and Information Network (VSiN) on SiriusXM is a sports talk radio station that offers entirely sports betting-related content. There’s no pussyfooting around sports betting news and information, and it’s fantastic.

Some shows on VSiN focus deeply on sports betting information and data. Other shows are more like local Las Vegas sports talk radio. These mix the gambling information into traditional sports talk.

Brent Musburger is the cornerstone broadcaster at VSiN, and talks about a wide range of sports news and betting. He has more than a few tales from his days from calling football games on TV.

VSiN broadcasts inside the South Point Casino. The studio is located just a few feet away from the sports book (and famous hot dog cart). This proximity lends the station to always having odds as soon as they’re released. You’ll also hear and see the people who make the lines appear on the shows. The immersed combination of styles and access to sports book operators makes VSiN unlike any other media outlet that just dabbles in sports betting.

Ways to access VSiN

You’d typically have to pay for satellite radio to access a station like this. However, you don’t need a subscription to see and hear shows on VSiN. The station is accessible to anyone that has a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The radio station broadcasts free live video streams on, Periscope via Twitter, and YouTube.

If you’re not able to watch specific shows live, you can watch or listen on demand later in the day. Recorded shows can be sped up to 2x by using the YouTube app on your mobile phone. Time-shifters will want to note that replays can only be sped up on YouTube.

VSiN also publishes plenty of print content if you prefer reading specific sports betting news. The company just released a VSiN mobile app that offers the print and video content that you can find on the website. The app sounds redundant, but it’s easier and quicker to navigate than the website.

Most mainstream media is trying to insert sports betting news and information into their programming and content. The thing that makes VSiN stand apart from mainstream media is that they’re located inside of a casino. They have immediate access to real sports book directors right away. The information comes from people that live and breath sports betting, and that provides listeners and viewers with an authenticity that can’t be found elsewhere.

There’s more sports betting news and information available than ever before. And VSiN is getting a hard start on the sports betting news industry that is about to explode.

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