Resorts World Las Vegas Real Money Sports Betting Mobile App

Resorts World Digital is the sports betting application from Resorts World Las Vegas. The sports betting app is independent of apps that may be used at other Resorts World properties.

Additionally, the Resorts World sports betting app only works in Nevada. It doesn’t work outside of the state or with other sportsbooks at Resorts World casinos around the world. The Resorts World sports betting app is different from the RWLV rewards app for the property.

This release of this app has been in the works for years while the owners were planning Resorts World Las Vegas. This massive casino resort is the newest in Las Vegas. Resorts World is the first new casino resort built from the ground up on the Vegas Strip in more than a decade.

The Resorts World Sports app doesn’t have the largest wagering menu in Nevada. It offers most of the basic sports and wager options recreational gamblers are looking for. Having said that, there are some betting options not available at some Nevada sportsbooks.

The Resorts World Sports app is powered by gaming manufacturer IGT. This is the same company that provides odds and software for the B-Connected Sports app from Boyd Gaming. While the lines and odds are different, both apps look and operate almost the same.

Resorts World is an independently operated casino in Las Vegas. While odds are provided by IGT they are custom for Resorts World. This is the only sports betting app in Nevada that offers these exact lines, odds and point spreads.

Since Resorts World is such a new casino, opening in 2021, there isn’t a specific demographic using this app. The retail sportsbook is in the back of a BBQ restaurant and saloon and the casino appears to be mostly targeting tourists. Odds should eventually shift based on the users and customers who visit this casino and use this app.

Much like sports betting apps for other Vegas Strip casinos, this should be most popular when tourists are visiting Las Vegas for major events like the Super Bowl and March Madness.

Resorts World Sports, and all sports betting apps from Nevada casinos can only be used within state lines. New users must first visit the retail sportsbook inside Resorts World to open an account. Funding and withdrawals may take place in person or through the app.

The Resorts World app uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device. All Resorts World Sports app users must be 21 years of age to open and use the account.

This Resorts World Las Vegas Sports app review breaks down how the betting app works on Android and iOS and how to deposit or cash out.

Resorts World Sports Betting App
Resorts World Sports Betting App

Resorts World Sportsbook Loyalty Program

Genting Rewards is the loyalty program for Resorts World Las Vegas. The loyalty program is named after the parent company of Resorts World, Genting Group.

Unfortunately, this loyalty program is not linked with other Resorts World or Genting casinos around the world at this time. Resorts World doesn’t have a specific loyalty program for sports bettors.

Someday, Genting Rewards may be earned and used at the following Resorts World or Genting casinos around the US:

  • Resorts World New York
  • Resorts World Catskills

In addition to casinos in Las Vegas and New York, Genting Group has properties in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Bahamas
  • Egypt
  • Korea
  • China

Sign Up For Resorts World Sports Nevada

Players may download the Resorts World Sports betting app anywhere. However, you must sign up for an account in person at the Resorts World retail location inside of the Dawg House Sportsbook and Saloon inside the casino.

The sportsbook counter inside Dawg House Sportsbook and Saloon is somewhat hidden from the main saloon. After entering the saloon head south towards the TV wall that’s separate from the main bar, restaurant, and performance stage.

It should take about 10-15 minutes to sign up for a Resorts World sports wagering account in person. Anyone signing up for an account must be at least 21 years old, have a valid government ID (i.e. driver’s license) and have an active Genting Rewards players club card.

Resorts World sports betting app review

The Resorts World Digital Nevada sportsbook app uses IGT software. While the B-Connected Sports app also uses this software, it does not offer the same odds. While the two apps look similar, the betting menu and odds are different for both.

This app is easy to read and it is simple to navigate and place wagers after using it once or twice.

The app opens directly to a home page that shows the live and featured games. This makes it easy to find the big games to wager on right away and in the future.

The home page for the Resorts World Nevada sportsbook app has multiple menus making it easy to find wagering options. Above the welcome sign, there’s a menu for the popular sports that most bettors are looking for.

The bottom of the page has a menu for all sports, a current betslip and an icon for a user profile. The betslip section consists of any picks a player selects. Bets aren’t automatically placed with one click. A bettor must confirm the wagers for the bet to count.

The live tab brings up all events that are available for in-play wagering. Choosing a specific game will open all of the in-play betting options available.

Using the all sports menu will show the user every sport available for betting. Again, the featured or popular sports are on the top of the menu with everything below. Selecting a sport brings the user to a slide-out menu will all sports. The various betting options including:

  • Live games (with derivative wagering choices)
  • Upcoming games (with derivative wagering choices)
  • Specific leagues for each sport
  • Various futures options

It takes a few minutes to understand how the individual sports page betting menus work. This isn’t very intuitive and may take a couple of uses to follow along.

Here’s why – all menu items are clickable but some sports have more options than can be shown on the screen. Users can slide the menus but there’s no direction to do so. Once a user notices this navigating the Resorts World app is a breeze.

Each page in the app has a home button on the bottom. This makes it easy to start over if a player gets lost sliding through the menus.

The Resorts World Sports app is fast and responsive. The navigation could be better but that problem goes away after using the app a couple of times. Once a player understands how to navigate through the app there shouldn’t be any problems finding events thanks to the alphabetical list accessible from every page.

Like some newer sports betting apps, Resorts World uses a few different terms that veteran sports bettors might not be familiar with. For example, the puck line in hockey and the run line in baseball are both point spreads. This is just something new that some experienced sports bettors may not be familiar with.

Live Betting With Resorts World

Live in-play betting is easy to find and easy to use with the Resorts World sports betting app. When users open the app there’s a tab for featured games and all live betting options. While the featured events are displayed right away the LIVE tab is highlighted in red. It’s difficult to miss the live betting choices.

Simply select the live icon to see the events currently taking place. Live betting is simple with the Resorts World app. Options are usually limited to the point spread, moneyline or total of the event. While there is a “more wagers” option it’s usually empty. Sometimes there will be partial game in-play options to play.

The Resorts World app doesn’t have a huge betting menu but it does offer some in-play betting options that aren’t available at every Nevada sportsbook. Of course, the app features NBA, NFL, NBA and NHL live betting. It also features some less mainstream in-play betting options like tennis and international soccer.

The Resorts World sports betting app is a no-frills product. It doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of other Nevada sportsbook apps have for live betting. The in-play pages for the games just feature a current score and odds. While betting choices are great, this should help speed up the load time for the app.

Flashy features for live betting are nice but not necessary if a player just wants to place a wager. In fact, the simplicity of live betting on the Resorts Wold app should make placing at bet easier and more reliable than others.

The lack of extra graphics should make the Resorts World app quick and less apt to crash due to heavy imagery. This could be a secret weapon for those interested in live in-play betting

Resorts World Sports betting options

The Resorts World sportsbook app offers an average sports betting menu for a Nevada sportsbook. It covers all the major sports and events most players will want.

The app doesn’t offer the wide variety of events available at some other Nevada sportsbooks. In addition, there aren’t many derivative sports betting options on the menu. This sportsbook app is fairly straightforward with all the basics and just a little more.

For some customers, less is more. The Resorts World app offers all of the basic sports bets:

  • Straight bets (moneyline and point spreads)
  • Alternative bets (moneyline and point spreads)
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Propositions (props)
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Round robins
  • In-Play (Live betting)

The Resorts World app has the basic sports wagers available for recreational gamblers. This isn’t a sportsbook app where bettors will discover new ways to bet on sports. That said, the Resorts World app should suffice for most bettors in Nevada.

Resorts World Sports Software

Resorts World Sports uses software created by IGT. The retails sportsbook inside the casino also uses IGT products. The gaming manufacturer known for slot machines also provides backend products for the staff as well as retail products like kiosks for customers.

The software is different from most other apps in Nevada. Only one other sportsbook app uses the IGT software. This app is easy to read with traditional black text on a white background.

Icons and current menus are gold. Live betting has red highlights that stand out from the rest. The spreads, moneylines, totals and all odds are inside of gray boxes with dark text.

After placing a wager, the gray odds boxes turn to gold. A new box pops up at the bottom of the page for the bettor to enter how much money a player would like to wager. If the player chooses the odds box again before placing the wager, the betting box below will go away.

After placing a wager, the bet slip will show a gold number icon. This allows the user to see how many picks they’ve made in case a parlay is in the works.

The Resorts World app is easy to read without straining the eyes. The shaded boxes with odds bring the eyes to the different betting options available for each event.

Live in-play bettors will see the odds change constantly throughout events. When odds improve, the shaded box has a green arrow. When the odds are worse, the shaded box has a red arrow.

Overall, the Resorts World Sports app is quick, responsive and easy to use. While it’s not flashy, it does the job.

This app does not offer parimutuel horse wagering.

Resort World Sportsbook Banking Options: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods


New Resorts World Sports betting accounts must first be funded in person at the sportsbook inside of the casino. Guests will find the sportsbook in the back of Dawg House sports bar and saloon inside Resorts World Las Vegas. This is the only location someone can fund a Resorts World account in person.

Users do not have to return to the casino again to fund a Resorts World account if they prefer. Once an account is established in person, players can make deposits directly from the Resorts World RWLV app on their mobile device with Play+. This is the loyalty app of the casino.

The minimum deposit to start an account is $50. There are no signup bonuses available for opening a new account at this time. Visit Resorts World Las Vegas to see if there are any new promotions.


Players may withdraw funds from the Resorts World Sports app inside of the casino at the sportsbook inside the Dawg House Sports Bar and Saloon

Funds may only be withdrawn by the person who set up the account when visiting the retail sportsbook. Resorts World Sports app users can withdraw funds from anywhere using a Play+ account.

Resorts World Sports Prepaid Card Details

The process is slightly different from other Nevada sports betting apps. The casino has two different apps – Resorts World Digital (sports) and RWLV (casino).

A user must download the Resorts World RWLV app to open a Play+ account. This will then connect with the Resorts World Sports account. The funds may be used throughout the casino so a sportsbook account isn’t necessary to set up a Resorts World Play+ account. This is different than other Nevada sports betting apps.

Play+ is available to fund or withdraw from many Nevada sports wagering accounts. The online service is an FDIC-insured account. This allows users to fund and withdraw from a Resorts World account.

Here are the steps to set up a Play+ account in the RWLV app:

    1. Log in to the RWLV app to see Genting Rewards
    2. Under “Cashless Play” choose “My Cashless Accounts”
    3. Select “Create A Play+ Account”
    4. Personal information will be in the account
    5. Follow directions beginning with entering a social security number.

After completing the signup process, a player may add or withdraw funds directly from the app without visiting a casino again. Unlike other Play+ accounts in Nevada, players can use the funds elsewhere at the casino.

Signing up for a Play+ account is free. However, there is a 2.95% fee for every $100 deposit. There’s a $2,000 maximum deposit per day.

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