Nevada Poker Week in Review: Real Gaming Steps Up and WSOP Upgrades

Written By Jennifer Newell on August 11, 2014
NV iGaming heats up late in the summer

Since the rush of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this summer, the Nevada online poker scene has been reduced to its old self. No big traffic surges are in the news, and maintains its new dominance over Ultimate Poker.

Real Gaming has been a non-factor in the state’s online poker business since its February 2014 launch. Typically, no traffic registers on the site whatsoever. The positive that came from its launch was that the operation of three online poker sites in Nevada forced the state regulator to reveal monthly revenue numbers.

Two of the three Nevada sites have decided that status quo is simply not good enough. And they’re doing something about it.

Real Gaming Puts Up $100,000 to Attract Regular Players

While Real Gaming has yet to grab any piece of the Nevada online poker market share yet, a new promotion has already garnered some new players.

“The Real 50” is a giveaway that began this summer and will continue through the next year with monthly and annual giveaways. Players need only deposit $50 once to participate.

Real Gaming is looking for its first “Player of the Year” at two stakes levels.

Small stakes range from 10c/20c games up to 50c/$1 games. Players must earn a loyalty score of at least 60 to qualify, and the top 50 players in the category will split $2,000 per month.

Medium stakes start at $1/$2 games up through the highest level of games thus far, which is $5/$10. Once players earn a minimum loyalty score of 80, they qualify to participate and earn part of the $5,000 per month up for grabs for the top 50 players.

For both categories, the winner of each category will take home 23 % of the prize, second 12 %, third 6 %, fourth through tenth 3 %, and lesser amounts for the rest of the leaderboard.

The top three players in each category will then split prizes when the annual leaderboard is complete. There will be $6K available for low stakes players and $10K for medium stakes. First place will win 50 %, second 30 %, and third 20 %.

The promotion is off to a slow start, but considering there were usually zero players on the site in previous months, the July results show an improvement. There were 30 players on the July small stakes leaderboard and 15 on the medium stakes list.

Players who join the site will likely take a liking to the no-download software and the ability to deposit via ACH, wire transfer, paper check, or in person at South Point in Las Vegas. Looks to Future with Improvements and Upgrades

After quite the successful summer of increased registration, table action, and revenue, is looking to make site improvements that will garner more long-term favor with players.

To do that, the site shut down on Monday for a massive technology-based update that saw the site offline well into the morning hours.

Players may not notice many improvements to the site on first glance, but the primary purpose for the relaunch was to make it easier to upgrade in stages as Nevada regulators approve individual components of the upgraded site.

They will notice a change to the tournament lobby, which offers more details about the tournaments at first glance.

Additionally, players can access their last hands, more easily re-buy and add on in tournaments, and receive warnings before logging off if they are registered to play in a tournament.

All of these features will be new to most players, though Apple users will not have access to the upgrades until a date yet to be announced.

As for geolocation services, those should improve with the move to a wi-fi based system from GeoComply, which the company claims is nearly 100 % efficient. When it goes into effect within the coming month, locations of players should be determined faster and with more accuracy. The current system will then be in place as a backup system in case of any failures or downtime.

Nevada regulators must also approve a new deposit feature that will allow players to continue depositing funds at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas without approval from customer service. Withdrawals in person will also be made available.

Players are also awaiting the approval of mobile apps for WSOP, which will allow action via iOS and Android systems. The update provides the basis for those mobile platforms and is ready pending the okay from Nevada.

All of the enhancements to the site will likely be completed in the coming months, prior to the November Nine. Expect some new promotions surrounding the WSOP Main Event final table as November approaches, complete with some mobile app action and money changing hands at the Rio cashier cage.

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