MGM Resorts Offers Tier Accelerators As Part Of Casino Rewards Program

Written By Marc Meltzer on March 15, 2023 - Last Updated on March 16, 2023
MGM Resorts offers tier accelerators

MGM Resorts has three ways customers can earn extra MGM Rewards points, tier credits, and upgrade their status. The promotions are only available for a limited time.

MGM Rewards’ new Daily Tier Rewards Accelerator promotion will help members reach a higher status at their Nevada casinos more quickly. The MGM Rewards Mastercard immediately upgrades a new members tier status and offers reward point promotions for various purchases. MGM Rewards also has a new Tier Match program for 2023.

These promotions will help players reach higher tiers in the MGM Rewards system. Each higher tier of the casino rewards program comes with additional benefits such as complimentary parking, waived resort fees, priority access at restaurants and hotel check-in, and more.

The credit card also helps MGM guests earn points to use at casinos around the country.

MGM Rewards Tier Accelerator

The MGM Rewards Tier Accelerator is a daily promotion available only at its Las Vegas casinos until July 31.

Guests can earn one of four levels of bonuses when they earn certain amounts of Tier Credits during a promotional day at an MGM Rewards Las Vegas casino. Tier Credits can be earned on eligible spending including:

  • Gambling
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Spa treatments

Guests earn four (4) Tier Credits per dollar spent on their hotel stay, dining, spa, salon services, and entertainment. The earning rate for gamblers is less transparent.

Players earn Tier Credits for slot machines, video poker, and table games based on length of play, average bet, and game type. Sports wagers at BetMGM sportsbooks or via mobile sports betting apps do not count towards this promotion.

This promotion is geared toward tourists visiting Las Vegas. In order to be eligible for MGM Rewards Tier Accelerator guests must show their physical or digital MGM Rewards card with each eligible purchase or when gambling at an MGM Rewards Las Vegas property. Similarly, guests can charge to their hotel folio which is linked with their MGM Rewards card.

Accelerator Milestones

There are four different MGM Rewards Tier Accelerator levels available for guests:

  • Accelerator Milestone #1: Earn 5,000 Tier Credits and receive 1,250 Bonus Tier Credits
  • Accelerator Milestone #2: Earn 10,000 Tier Credits and receive 5,000 Bonus Tier Credits
  • Accelerator Milestone #3: Earn 20,000 Tier Credits and receive 20,000 Bonus Tier Credits
  • Accelerator Milestone #4: Earn 40,000 Tier Credits and receive 60,000 Bonus Tier Credits

Guests who reach Accelerators 3 and 4 will reach gold and platinum, respectively, if the milestone is gained in two consecutive days.

Each promotional day begins at 6:00 am (PT) on a calendar day and ends at 5:59 am (PT). This is a daily promotion and Tier Credits earned do not roll over into a new day.

Spend Requirement

Promotions are great but it will take at least a daily cash spend of $1,250 to earn Accelerator Milestone #1. It’s impossible to estimate how much one would have to spend gambling since the details aren’t based on a specific amount of money spent. The other milestones that require more Tier Credits will take even more money to reach.

You can find more information, rules, and terms here.

MGM Rewards Credit Card

The MGM Rewards Mastercard isn’t new. However, there is a promotion for new signups.

For the first time, new cardholders can receive Tier Credits until March 31. Much like the Accelerator promotion this allows MGM Rewards members the ability to earn higher Tier Status more quickly.

New cardholders will be eligible to receive both 20,000 Tier Credits and 20,000 Points. The requirement is that they spend a total of $1,500 in the first three billing cycles after the account is open.

There’s no annual fee for the MGM Rewards Mastercard. It works the same as other branded credit cards but is connected to the MGM Rewards program.

All cardholders automatically receive an upgrade to MGM Rewards Pearl status. This unlocks complimentary self-parking. Here are some more MGM Rewards perks available to all cardholders:

  • Earn 3x Points and Tier Credits for every $1 spent at MGM Rewards properties in the US.
  • Earn 2x Points and Tier Credits for every $1 spent on gas and supermarket purchases.
  • 1X Points and Tier Credits are earned for every $1 spent anywhere else, including BetMGM Deposits.

You can find more information, rules, and terms here.

MGM Rewards Tier Match

MGM Rewards has a Tier Match promotion until June 30. Guests simply need to bring an upper-tier rewards card from another program to an MGM Rewards counter and request a Tier Match. The guest will then have their MGM Rewards Tier to the higher tier from the other program. The process should take just a few minutes.

This somewhat regular promotion allows guests to instantly upgrade to Pearl, Gold, or Platinum status with MGM Rewards. The matches this year may be different than previous Tier Match promotions.

Here are a couple of examples of Las Vegas rewards programs that MGM Rewards will Tier Match with.

Caesars Rewards

(Regular) Diamond members will advance to MGM Rewards Pearl.
Diamond Plus members will advance to MGM Rewards Gold.
Diamond Elite and Seven Stars will advance to MGM Rewards Platinum.

The Venetian Club Grazi

Grazie Elite will advance to MGM Rewards Pearl.
Paiza Gold will advance to MGM Rewards Gold.

MGM Rewards will Tier Match with rewards programs available throughout the country. You can see a list of all programs eligible for an MGM Rewards Tier Match here.

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