Nevada Gaming Control Board Catches Sportsbook Embezzlement Scheme

Written By Marc Meltzer on February 10, 2023
William Hill employees alleged to have stolen more than $70,000

Detectives from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) broke up an alleged embezzlement scheme involving numerous former William Hill employees stealing from the company. The Nevada sportsbook operator discovered the thieves because every William Hill kiosk takes a picture and saves every transaction.

Shravan Singh and his collaborator Paige Steiner face charges of stealing from William Hill sportsbooks, according to documents found by local CBS affiliate KLAS. The TV station reports that others participating in the scheme have not been arrested yet and cannot be named at this time.

Theft Ring Involves Multiple Parties

The William Hill employees used its computer program to “add money onto kiosks operated by William Hill.” The in-house employees communicated with others via mobile phone which William Hill sportsbook kiosks the others involved should visit.

Singh’s position at William Hill was overseeing cash adjustments on kiosks over $500. He didn’t report any financial anomalies to supervisors. Since he was overseeing the ring, supervisors didn’t see the theft right away.

The theft was found after an internal audit. Singh was the ringleader and the partners made anywhere from just a few illegal transactions to hundreds.

Once the kiosks located throughout Nevada had extra money, the partners in this crime would print and redeem kiosk tickets for cash.

Kristi Torgerson, Chief of the Board’s Enforcement Division added the following about the investigation:

“The Board appreciates licensees meeting their obligation to investigate and self-report potential statutory and regulatory violations, as well as alleged criminal activity. The Enforcement Division will continue to be aggressive in its investigations and covert operations to ensure that the gaming industry is free from criminal elements in its unending effort to safeguard the integrity of regulated gaming in Nevada.”

The full statement is here.

Singh And Steiner Face An Array Of Charges

The report states that Singh was turned in to investigators by William Hill on Jan. 19. This was after he “completed fraudulent cash adjustments on 166 separate dates.”

There were a total of 3,000 separate incidents of theft during these dates. Singh will face charges of embezzlement, forgery, forgery by altering computer data, and conspiracy to commit embezzlement.

His main partner, Steiner, faces 290 charges in this scheme. She appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court on Feb. 9 and was released without bail on her own recognizance. Singh will face charges of embezzlement, forgery, forgery by altering computer data, and conspiracy to commit embezzlement.

According to the report, the team of thieves allegedly stole more than $70,000 from William Hill. Singh allegedly embezzled a total of $280,000 beginning in 2021, according to another report.

The detective report went a little deeper saying:

“Based on the annual reports from Singh and each co-conspirator, there was no justification as to why they were observed at so many kiosks withdrawing vouchers and cashing out large sums of money. None of the suspects had any wagering history, which would suggest they had won thousands of dollars. Therefore, I concluded the only purpose each suspect was observed at the various kiosks was to assist Singh in embezzling money from William Hill.”

William Hill is owned by Caesars and operates more than 100 sportsbooks throughout Nevada. The company didn’t answer KLAS’ efforts for further comment on the matter.

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