Las Vegas Casinos, Sahara And Tropicana Present New Players Clubs

Written By Marc Meltzer on October 5, 2022
2 casinos in Las Vegas introduce new players clubs

Just a few days after closing a deal to operate the Tropicana, Bally’s Corp. (Bally’s) revealed a new players club for the property. Coincidentally, on the other side of the Vegas Strip, Sahara shared details on its revamped Infinity Rewards players club.

The new Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards replaces the previous Mychoice Rewards program from the previous owners of the property. Infinity Rewards is simply an update of the Sahara players club.

Tropicana will match tiers only for members of the casino’s previous rewards program. Meanwhile, Sahara will tier match the status of select rewards programs from other casino operators.

While the Nevada casinos are on opposite ends of the Vegas Strip, the rewards programs have something in common. They’re both traditional casino players clubs.

Both programs only reward gamblers for spending money on slots and other machine games and at the tables. Unlike most new rewards programs, neither offers perks for guests spending money at retail, shopping, or dining.

The big difference between the two players clubs is how quickly guests can rack up points to use inside each casino.

Sahara Infinity Rewards

Sahara and Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) in Reno, NV share an owner. The two properties are also connected by Infinity Rewards.

Infinity Rewards offers more benefits to players at both Sahara and GSR. Points can only be earned from playing:

  • Table games
  • Slots
  • Video poker
  • Keno
  • Other machine games

Sahara now offers a competitive tier match for its players club. The casino will match the players club tier level to a member’s status with other select casino loyalty programs.

Tier matching is a good excuse to see how a new casino treats its higher-tier customers.

Other perks from Infinity Rewards include VIP parking and dedicated priority lines at the hotel, restaurants, casino cage, and Infinity Rewards desk

Members will also receive cabana and daybed discounts at Azilo Ultra Pool along with special offers and comps, invitations to exclusive events, and more.

Earn Points Quickly

The major benefit of the new program is that players can earn points up to six times faster when playing slot machines. Each upper tier level offers players a slot point multiplier that increases as players gain higher status.

Players at Sahara will earn one (1) tier credit and one (1) slot point for every dollar spent. Video poker and keno players will earn one (1) point for every $2 played.

Similar to other casino rewards programs, table game players are rated based on the game, length of play and wager size.

The earnings rate at Sahara is among the best in Las Vegas.

For comparison, Station Casinos offers similar earning rates. Wynn is located just down the Vegas Strip. The casino allows players to earn one point for $5 in slot play. It will take $10 or $20 from video poker play to earn a point depending on the game.

1,000 slot points earned are equal to $1 in comps or free play to be used for food and beverage at either casino.

Infinity Rewards Tier Benefits

Tier credits are earned at the same rate as slot points when gambling. Infinity Rewards has six tier levels with different benefits:

  • Select: Everyone
  • Premier: 1,000 Tier Credits
  • Elite: 7,500 Tier Credits
  • Legend: 50,000 Tier Credits
  • Iconic: 200,000 Tier Credits
  • Infinite: Invite Only

The Select and Premier tier levels offer similar benefits. The main difference is a 2x point multiplier for the higher Premier tier.

The tier benefits start to show their strength when players reach the Legend level. This tier and above offer complimentary resort fees. This is a savings of $39.95 for every night a player stays at the hotel.

Hotel benefits don’t end with complimentary resort fees. Legend and above also receive complimentary hotel room upgrades if available. These players also receive early check-in and check-out along with a 4x slot point bonus.

As one would imagine, the invite-only level Infinite offers the best tier benefits. Players at this level receive a complimentary upgrade to a suite for all stays at Sahara.

In addition to the benefits available to all other tier levels, Infinite members receive VIP car service along with a complimentary Cabana or Daybed at the Azul pool.

Visit Infinity Rewards for more information.

Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards

The sale of Tropicana to Bally’s was completed in late September. A few days later, the casino launched a new players club named Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards.

It should be noted that Tropicana in Las Vegas is not connected to any other Tropicana casinos. Similarly, Tropicana owner, Bally’s, is not connected to Bally’s Las Vegas. These properties all use different rewards programs not affiliated with Bally’s Corp. or Tropicana Las Vegas.

Similar to Sahara’s Infinity Rewards, this is a casino players club. Guests at Tropicana only receive points from gambling. Guests do not receive points when eating, drinking or staying at Tropicana.

Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards replaces the previous Mychoice rewards program from Penn Entertainment. Mychoice is no longer accepted at Tropicana. Members can use any leftover points at M Resort in Henderson, NV.

Members of the previous club will have their status matched with the new rewards program. However, all Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards will start at zero points.

Different From Bally Rewards

This appears to be a temporary players club while Bally’s brings Tropicana into its national rewards program. The national program, Bally Rewards, is currently available at the company’s Lake Tahoe property.

It should take about a year before Tropicana is completely integrated with Bally’s. For reference, MGM Resorts closed its deal to operate The Cosmopolitan earlier this year.

Guests at The Cosmopolitan can only earn MGM Rewards points inside the new sportsbook. The rest of the property won’t become an MGM Rewards property until next year.

Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards Tier Levels

Since the deal to purchase Tropicana closed so late in the year, the property will extend players’ tier levels beyond this year. Players that qualify for an upper-level tier will keep their status for this year and for the next qualifying period.

The qualifying period for tier status is through Dec. 31, 2023. This will give players a little extra time to gain higher status. Expect this to change after next year.

Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards is structurally different from Bally Rewards, which only has four tier levels. This program has five different tier levels:

  • Rookie: Everyone
  • Pro: 1,000-17,999 points
  • Star: 18,000-49,999 points
  • Superstar: 50,000-199,999 points
  • Legend: 200,000 points or more

Players earn tier points at the following rates when gambling at Tropicana:

  • Slot Machines – One (1) tier point for every $5 of Coin-In.
  • Video Poker – One (1) tier point for every $10 of Coin-In.
  • Electronic Table Games – One (1) tier point for every $40 of Coin-In.
  • Table Games – based on the type of game, length of play, and average bet.

There are no points from horse racing and sports betting at this time since William Hill operates the race and sports book.

While Tropicana clearly defines how to earn tier points, the company doesn’t offer the same for comp points for casino use.

Players earn comp points on table and machine games based on the game type, denomination, and length of play. It will take some time for players to do backward math to find out exactly how comp points are awarded.

Tier Benefits

Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards is a program for a single casino in Las Vegas. The tier benefits are mostly consolidated to the property.

Depending on how much someone gambles, any tier level could receive complimentary travel to a Bally’s property outside of Las Vegas. There are Bally’s casinos as close as Lake Tahoe and as far as Atlantic City, NJ.

All members receive complimentary self-parking at Tropicana. The Rookie, Pro and Star tier levels offer mostly the same benefits. Parking fees start at $5 and go higher when there are nearby events.

The extra benefits for the Pro and Star tiers are negligible. Members of both tiers will receive invites to special events. Star-level members receive priority seating in the restaurants.

The 50,000 tier point Superstar level is where players start to unlock more substantial benefits. This level offers complimentary resort fees. That’s a $37 per night value for anyone staying at Tropicana.

This level and above also receive two complimentary tickets to shows at Tropicana and a slew of VIP access. Members that reach Legend status will receive two additional tickets along with early entry to shows.

Some highlights for top-tier Legend members include:

  • Complimentary limo transfers to and from the airport
  • An annual celebration dinner
  • Annual birthday dinner
  • Complimentary early check-in/late check-out
  • A guaranteed complimentary room with 48-hour notice

This new Tropicana casino players club will set the tone for what guests should expect from the new owners. Learn more about the current Tropicana Las Vegas Rewards program here.

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