Nevada Monsoon Hits Circa Sportsbook But Quickly Reopens

Written By Marc Meltzer on August 2, 2022 - Last Updated on September 12, 2022
Nevada monsoon floods the sportsbook at Circa

The “World’s Largest Sportsbook” at Circa is open and operating normally after it was hit with a deluge of water during the monsoon last week.

The downtown Las Vegas casino never stopped taking bets since there’s a second-floor betting counter with nearby kiosks. Circa was also able to take wagers online with its Nevada sports betting app.

Nevada is hit with torrential downpours every summer. The blasts of rain may be short but they’re powerful.

Last week Las Vegas saw flooding all over the city. Multiple casinos also saw leaks – some bigger than others.

Downtown Las Vegas casinos weren’t the only ones hit with rain inside the property. Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip saw water falling onto their respective casino floors.

Circa wasn’t the only downtown Las Vegas casino owned by Derek Stevens to see rain on its casino. The Golden Gate casino floor saw rain but only minimal damage.

Someone captured a video of a slot machine player at the Fremont Casino continuing to play Buffalo while getting soaked with rain.

There is a bright side to all of the rain last week. The monsoon helped increase the low water level at Lake Mead by three inches according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A quick recovery for Circa Sports

Rain hit Circa hard on Thursday night. The sportsbook took the majority of the damage with water flowing through the massive video wall.

The sight of this much rain pouring down inside of a casino was absolutely stunning. The fact that it happened at one of the newest casinos in Las Vegas was even more surprising.

Amazingly the staff at Circa was able to clean up the mess from the rain quickly. The sportsbook was operating at full speed before the weekend was over.

The video wall, seats, counter, and kiosks appear to be back to normal. Guests can expect the usual great experience when visiting the sportsbook at Circa.

Anyone looking for water while watching sports at Circa can head up to the Stadium Swim rooftop pool complex.

Nevada’s monsoon season is nothing new

Nevada has a monsoon season every year in the late summer. It’s so serious the Government has a page dedicated to explaining why Nevada gets such strong downpours.

Here’s a quick explanation of the monsoon season in Nevada.

“As the land heats up, it causes humid air from the Pacific Ocean to move inland and north through Mexico, Arizona, and into Nevada. The moist air eventually becomes unstable and forms thunderstorms.”

Las Vegas normally sees the worst of the monsoon season in mid-late July. There are rain and wind warnings almost daily for about a month.

Sometimes the warnings and heavy rain continue into December.

Flamingo Wash

One of the most popular views of monsoon season is on the Vegas Strip. The Linq parking garage also serves as a flood channel.

This flood channel is known as the “Flamingo Wash.” Its purpose is to let water from the Vegas Strip head toward Lake Mead.

Even though this happens every year so many tourists are amazed by the water rushing through a casino valet and parking area. Water rushes through the area every time there’s noticeable rain.

Parked cars in the garage at The Linq are above ground level so they are safe from the flood waters.

Guest looking for a rideshare or to access the monorail had to find other locations. Coincidentally, the Flamingo has access to both just a few minutes away for anyone stressed out by the raging water.

Below is a video from a few years ago of water running out of the garage into the flood channel where it belongs. This flood channel ensures that the rest of the Vegas Strip doesn’t overflow with water.

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