Circa Drops Vegas Vickie NFT Collection

Written By Marc Meltzer on June 22, 2022
Las Vegas casino Circa promotes brand engagement with NFTs

Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas is making its first NFT available to the public. The minting of the Vegas Vickie NFT will take place soon.

The Vegas Vickie NFT will launch with four original art collections by prolific artist Jason “Borbay” Borbet. He’s the artist behind the iconic and historic kicking cowgirl neon sign that now hangs inside the casino.

NFTs are mostly known as digital art. While that may be the backbone of this offering, this release also includes special experiences for the buyers.

Nevada’s online gambling landscape, like everything else is constantly evolving. What a great way to engage another online customer base and demographic by custom tailoring a branded experience like this.

To that point, Jeff Victor, Vice President of Operations at Circa Resort & Casino said:

“When Borbay approached us about turning Vegas Vickie into an NFT, we knew we wanted it to go beyond the digital space and have real-world benefits. We’re excited to host the first major Vegas event exclusively for the NFT community.“

Major perks for NFT buyers

Benefits when purchasing a Vegas Vickie NFT include access to VIP experiences at Circa such as an invitation to Vegas’ first event exclusively for NFT holders. The Vegas Vickie NFT Summer Bash will take place from Aug. 1-3.

Victor said, “Our first Summer Bash is an opportunity for us to bring Vegas Vickie NFT owners together for the time of their lives and create a space where they can network and learn more about downtown Las Vegas.”

Some other perks that come with the purchase of the different Vegas Vickie NFTs include:

  • A three-night stay in a suite at Circa
  • Limo transportation from the airport to Circa
  • Reception with Circa owner Derek Stevens and Jason “Borbay” Borbet
  • Food and beverage credits

In addition to owning the Vegas Vickie NFT art and unique experiences, owners will be able to participate in a variety of perks at Circa in the future.

Four different Vegas Vickie NFTs

There are four different Vegas Vickie NFT collections. Not only are there different packages for each, but there are also different amounts of each available.

Collection one: The One and Only (1 of 1)

As the name states, The One and Only is a one-of-a-kind digital version of the original 30″ x 40″ Vegas Vickie painting by Borbay. This is the premier collection of this Vegas Vickie NFT series.

The physical painting is currently on display at Legacy Club inside Circa. Anyone over 21 can take an elevator to the rooftop lounge to see the original painting but only one person can own this Vegas Vickie NFT.

In addition to the digital art, his collection comes with the following:

  • A three-night stay in Circa’s Founder’s Suite. The largest suite at Circa should be at Summer Bash or within one year of purchase.
  • Round-trip limo airport transportation while in Las Vegas.
  • Welcome cocktail at Vegas Vickie’s cocktail lounge.
  • Stadium Swim Owner’s Suite at Summer Bash for up to 20 people.
  • Open-bar reception for Summer Bash at Legacy Club. This includes an exclusive meet & greet with Circa’s CEO Derek Stevens and Borbay.
  • Circa coffee-table book and glass print of the Vegas Vickie painting.
  • $1,000 property credit.

Collection two – Dealer’s Choice (54 available)

This collection will feature 54 versions of Vegas Vickie. The collection will resemble a full deck of playing cards including jokers.

More information will be available soon. The Dealer’s Choice collection will be minted this summer. In addition to the digital art this Vegas Vickie NFT has the following:

  • Three-night stay in a Circa suite. This can be used at the Summer Bash or within a year of purchase.
  • Round-trip limo airport transportation while in Las Vegas.
  • Welcome cocktail at Vegas Vickie’s.
  • Access to a Stadium Swim cabana at Summer Bash.
  • Open-bar reception for Summer Bash at Legacy Club.
  • A Circa coffee-table book.
  • $500 property credit.

Collection three: Neon Idol (250 available)

This digital art collection will feature different slot machine symbols of Vegas Vickie. In addition to the art, owners will receive the following:

  • A three-night stay in a Circa standard room. This can be used at the Summer Bash or within one year of purchase.
  • Welcome cocktail at Vegas Vickie’s.
  • Complimentary access to the Summer Bash at Stadium Swim with lounge chairs.
  • A $250 property credit.

Collection four: Off the Rack (2,500 available)

This casino chip collection is the largest of the Vegas Vickie NFT collections available. This should also be the most affordable since this collection will be the most accessible with 2,500 minted. In addition to a digital chip, buyers will receive the following:

  • General admission to the Summer Bash with standing-room-only access.
  • A welcome bag for the event.
  • Welcome cocktail at Vegas Vickie’s.

Circa will be releasing more information on the Vegas Vickie NFT collection. Visit for more information and updates.

Photo by Circa Resort & Casino
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