Circa To Launch NFT Art Collection Featuring Vegas Vickie

Written By Marc Meltzer on March 14, 2022 - Last Updated on June 27, 2022
Vegas Vickie NFT collection via Circa

Circa Resort & Casino is launching an NFT art collection. This will be the first Las Vegas casino to release an NFT collection.

This idea is new for a Las Vegas casino but NFTs aren’t new to the world. These unique collectible digital art pieces have been trading in mainstream culture for the past couple of years.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) took off in 2021 with nearly $18 billion in sales, according to Axios. That was a massive increase from $82.5 million in NFT sales a year earlier in 2020.

NFTs aren’t just pictures that are floating around online. Each NFT has a unique identification code and metadata. This is what differentiates one from another. This also makes an NFT collectible and tradeable.

Circa CEO Derek Stevens said the following about diving into the NFT world:

“At Circa, we strive to bring important elements from the past and merge them with what’s new, so to take one of Vegas’ most historic images and turn her into an NFT felt like a lightbulb moment.”

Stevens’ casinos have been ahead of the curve embracing crypto and blockchain technology. He continued saying:

“I’ve been passionate about supporting the cryptocurrency community from the beginning. My properties were the first casinos in Vegas to begin accepting Bitcoin eight years ago, and when Borbay approached us regarding the Vegas Vickie NFT, there was no question I wanted to create this very special collection for the NFT community.”

At this time, there are few details about the upcoming drop. Details with the mint date, NFT tiers, and utility functions will be announced soon.

Circa NFT Collection Kicking Off (Literally) with Vegas Vickie

The Circa NFT collection will kick off with a tribute to Vegas Vickie. Veterans of Las Vegas may know the 20-foot blonde cowgirl neon sign from the days she hung above Bob Stupak’s Glitter Gulch Casino at the Fremont Street Experience.

In 2016, Circa CEO, Stevens purchased the Vegas Vickie sign. He paid to have it refurbished. Today, the iconic sign sits inside of the casino along with numerous art pieces from local artists.

Anyone who has visited the casino at Circa since it opened in 2020 may recognize Vegas Vickie as an artistic focal point of the hotel lobby. She resides just outside of the lobby bar at Circa which bears the name Vegas Vickie’s.

The NFT will be a digital version of Vegas Vickie painted by artist Jason “Borbay” Borbet. The original is currently hanging at Circa’s rooftop lounge, Legacy Club.

When Borbay first saw Vegas Vickie at Circa he said “it was love at first sight.” This mirrors what many visitors think when they first see Vegas Vickie.

“She is a timeless and striking work, and the amount of effort and detail the Circa team put into her refurbishment is astonishing. This collaboration is a community project through and through, and we are excited to educate and empower the NFT space in Las Vegas and beyond.”

More information will be released about Circa’s NFT art collection shortly. Visit the Circa Las Vegas to keep up to date on details about the release.

In the meantime, fans of Vegas Vickie can pick up merchandise like coffee mugs inside the Circa gift shop.

Photo by Circa Las Vegas
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