Could A Formula 1 Race Finally Return To Las Vegas?

Written By Marc Meltzer on February 9, 2022
Could a Formula 1 race finally return to Las Vegas?

Formula 1 (F1) racing could be coming to Las Vegas. Multiple reports say that Las Vegas and F1 are deep in negotiations.

According to the reports, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority have been speaking with F1 officials for months. Executives from F1 have visited Las Vegas multiple times.

There aren’t many specifics about the race other than it taking place at night on the Vegas Strip.

If a deal is reached, Las Vegas would be the third F1 race that will take place in the US. There are also F1 races in Austin, TX and Miami, FL.

Racing around the Vegas Strip

While Las Vegas Boulevard will make for a beautiful backdrop, it probably makes sense for cars to race on and off the Vegas Strip.

The race is tentatively called the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Rumors have it that the race will pass by some of the Vegas Strip’s most iconic locations like the fountains at Bellagio.

Coincidentally, the NHL recently had a skills competition during All-Star Weekend on those very fountains in front of Bellagio. This April the NFL Draft will host its red carpet event right on the iconic fountains.

Last year, a European F1 writer shared the following on a potential Las Vegas race:

“…the plan is for the track to pass the famous dancing fountains outside the Bellagio Casino while running about a mile up The Strip to Wynn Las Vegas. Looking at the maps one can surmise if this is the case that it will probably include the High Roller observation wheel and the MSG Sphere that is currently under construction. The key for success is to have minimal disruption on The Strip, limited if possible to just the construction of barriers, debris fences, lights (it will be a night race) so that traffic flows are not hugely disrupted. “

Closing parts of the Vegas Strip could be a logistical nightmare. However, it’s going to happen more frequently as events that generate revenue and publicity will be considered by the city, state, and local businesses.

Closing the Vegas Strip

Locals and tourists trying to drive will be inconvenienced for a few hours on a busy weekend. However, hotel operators will generate plenty of money from visitors staying in hotels, eating, drinking and gambling for the weekend.

Non-gaming revenue has outpaced gambling revenue on the Vegas Strip since 1999. Hosting an F1 race could increase both forms of revenue.

Visitors in Las Vegas for the race should be sports fans many of whom will place wagers on the Las Vegas Grand Prix and other events.

Cars swiftly moving on and off the strip would make sense on many levels. It would give TV producers gorgeous images of the Vegas Strip at night. Additionally, since most foot traffic moves above the Vegas Strip on bridges visitors will be able to move about with ease.

Fans could watch cars zoom by while walking from one casino to the other. Here’s a video of what a race could look like. In addition to the touristy images, cars zooming through various casino Porte cochere’s would be intense.

Caesars Palace Grand Prix

An F1 race wouldn’t be entirely new to Las Vegas. However, it’s been decades since this kind of race was in Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace was home to a few F1 races in the 1980s. The casino was much smaller at that time and had a parking lot behind the casino where race organizers placed a relatively small race track for the Caesars Palace Grand Prix.

The race was intended to draw high rollers like the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the track didn’t feature much of the glitz and glamour many expect to see with the new Las Vegas Grand Prix. The race track behind Caesars Palace didn’t feature much of Las Vegas at all.

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix didn’t last very long. Caesars Palace hosted two F1 races. The track was redesigned and hosted a couple more Indy Car CART races. Caesars lost interest in the unpopular races and moved on.

When will we know if F1 racing will come to Nevada?

It seems as though F1 coming back to Las Vegas has been in the rumor mill for years. The detailed reporting on the possible race could mean that the rumors about F1 coming to Las Vegas may finally be true.

A race in Las Vegas could be finalized by this summer. Insiders say the race could take place as soon as 2023 or 2024.

Photo by Luca Bruno / Associated Press
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