Online Series Awards $21.9 Million So Far, Heading Into Final Week Of Events

Written By Martin Harris on July 27, 2020 - Last Updated on July 29, 2020

The World Series of Poker Online series continued on this week where seven more bracelets were awarded. Among the winners were three who had won gold at the WSOP before — Kevin Gerhart, Tony Dunst and Nick Binger.

With 26 of 31 events completed, prize pools in WSOP Online events on have totaled just over $21.9 million. Counting re-entries, there have been more than 38,000 total entries in the bracelet events so far. That’s an average of just over 1,466 entries per event. events in online series end soon

The portion of the WSOP Online series comes to a close this week with five more events, the last coming July 31. Meanwhile, they are already more than a week into the GGPoker part of the series, which will last until early September.

Whereas WSOP Online series events on can only be played on WSOP Nevada or WSOP New Jersey, the GGPoker events are available in many countries throughout the world. However, the United States is not one of the countries served by GGPoker. That means those who have been playing on will need to travel out of the country in order to continue playing WSOP Online series events.

Perhaps because the WSOP bracelet chase has now begun in earnest on GGPoker, the events were all of the low-stakes variety this past week. All were either $400 or $500, except for a single $777 event.

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Event #20: Gerhart grabs $500 PLO title, 2nd career bracelet

Last Monday, Kevin “therealkg” Gerhart kicked off the week by winning Event #20, the $500 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max event. It was Gerhart’s second career WSOP bracelet after he won the $1,500 razz event in Las Vegas a year ago.

There were 1,137 total entries counting re-entries, building just over $511,000 for the prize pool. From that, Gerhart claimed a little more than $97,000 for the win.

Chris “Robotbob47” Moorman finished fourth in the event and Adam “AdamJ080584” Jones finished fifth. Meanwhile Connor “666666” Drinan (11th), Tom “looter” Marchese (12th), and Zach Gruneberg (14th) were among other familiar names making it deep.

Event #21: WPT host Tony Dunst gets it done, wins 2nd career bracelet in $777 event

Speaking of familiar names, World Poker Tour co-host Tony “Panoramic” Dunst won his second career bracelet as well on Tuesday after taking down Event #21, a $777 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max event.

Dunst topped a 1,361-entry field to win a first prize worth just over $168,000. Dunst won his first WSOP bracelet in 2016 in a $1,000 NLH event. The total prize pool was just under $953,000.

On his way to victory, Dunst knocked out both Jon “havuuuuuc” Turner (who finished sixth) and bracelet holder Randy “StayAlive” Ohel (who took seventh).

Event #22: Allan Cheung is champ in $500 event

Wednesday saw another $500 NLH event play out with Event #22, where Allan Cheung ultimately won his first bracelet and a first prize of just over $120,000.

There were 1,579 entries altogether, creating a prize pool of a little more than $710,000. Myles “ShiptheMoney” Kotler took second in the event. It was Kotler’s second runner-up finish in five days. He also finished one spot shy of the win in Event #18.

Brian “JackBogle” Altman (third) and Daniel “juice” Buzgon (fourth) were also there for the end of this one, with Mike “Mouth123” Matusow just missing the final table (10th).

Event #23: Raymond Avant prevails in $500 knockout event

Event #23 on Thursday was a $500 No-Limit Hold’em Knockout tournament. It was the second of two knockout events on the bracelet schedule. Raymond Avant collected the final bounty to win his first bracelet. Avant earned over $95,000 altogether, including bounties.

The 1,452 players in the freezeout tournament created a prize pool of almost $668,000. Most of that (almost $523,000) went to the top finishers with the rest going for bounties.

Bracelet holder Ryan “im.sorry” Torgersen (who finished third) and three-time WSOP bracelet winner Upeshka “gomezhamburg” De Silva (who took fourth) were among the final opponents Avant had to outlast.

Event #24: Binger wins second career bracelet in $400 8-Max

Event #24 attracted more than 2,400 total entries Friday in the $400 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Max tournament.

In the end, it was Nick Binger winning his second career WSOP title and more than $133,000. Binger won his first bracelet nine years ago in a $5,000 PLO tournament in 2011.

Others claiming big pieces of the almost $887,000 prize pool included runner-up finisher Ryan “Adopt_aDogg0” Leng and Matt “Berkey11_S4Y” Berkey, who finished seventh.

Event #25: Nicholas Kiley collects $500 Summer Saver title

On Saturday it was Nicholas “mrfinalt” Kiley taking the top prize of over $149,000 for winning Event #25, the $500 NLHE Summer Saver.

Kiley bested a 2,155-entry field to claim his first bracelet and the largest share of an almost $970,000 prize pool.

Kiley topped Guo Liang “Ct188” Chen heads-up for the win. He also had to outlast Matt Berkey who made his second final table in two nights. After taking seventh the night before, Berkey finished fifth in this one.

Event #26: Ethan Yau wins Grande Finale for $164,000

Finally, on Sunday, it was Ethan “RampageP” Yau winning his first career bracelet in Event #26. The tournament was another $500 No-Limit Hold’em tournament, this one titled the Grande Finale.

The event was one of the biggest in the series with 2,502 total entries. The prize pool of more than $1.12 million was the second-largest of the series. A popular YouTube streamer, “Rampage Poker” had a large audience watch him take down the event and earn the first prize of over $164,000.

Blake “shampainpopn” Whittington (fourth), Matt “OMG_Obama” Iles (seventh), and Michael “Mike91680” Guzzardi (ninth) were among the others making the final table.

Daniel “DNegs” Negreanu is remaining in Nevada to play events in July, rather than travel outside the country just yet to play WSOP Online events on GGPoker. Negreanu cashed in 92nd place in Event #26, his 15th cash of the series.

That’s one behind Ryan “Protential” Laplante, who through 26 events has the most WSOP Online series cashes on with 16.

2020 WSOP Online Series by the numbers (through Event #26)

EventEventBuy-InPlayersRe-EntriesPrize PoolWinnerFirst Prize
1No Limit Hold'em Kick-Off$5001,195520$771,750 Jonathan Dokler$130,425.75
2No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed Deepstack$1,000 647272$873,050 Louis Lynch$168,585.95
3No Limit Hold'em$4001,450641$752,760 Robert Kuhn$115,849.76
4No Limit Hold'em Super Turbo$500828351$530,550 Matt Bode$97,090.65
5No Limit Hold'em Freezeout$1,000 8540$811,300 Allen Chang$161,286.44
6Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 6-Handed$600497336$449,820 Nathan Gamble$89,424.21
7No Limit Hold'em Knockout Deepstack$8009890$731,860 Joon Kim$106,126.98*
8No Limit Hold'em Freezeout$5001,4790$665,550 Alan Goehring$119,399.67
9No Limit Hold'em 6-Max$1,000 658368$974,700 Ron McMillen$188,214.57
10No Limit Hold'em MonsterStack$6001,505569$1,119,960 Ryan Torgersen$172,361.84
11No Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack 6-Handed$5001,081610$760,950 Raman Afanasenka$128,600.55
12The BIG 500 No Limit Hold'em$5001,624803$1,092,150 Ryan Depaulo$159,563.11
13No Limit Hold'em High Roller Freezeout$1,500 6490$924,825 Michael Lech$164,248.92
14No Limit Hold'em High Roller$3,200 368128$1,507,840 Joe McKeehen$352,985.34
15PLO 8-Max HR$1,000 386277$629,850 Guy Dunlap$133,780.14
16No Limit Hold'em Turbo$5001,044484$687,600 Terrell Cheatham$116,204.40
17No Limit Hold'em$777917465$967,400 Pat Lyon$173,551.56
18No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed Turbo DeepStack$1,000 697290$937,650 Scott Hempel$181,060.21
19No Limit Hold'em$4001,757788$916,200 Kenny Huynh$133,856.82
20PLO 6-Handed$500627510$511,650 Kevin Gerhart$97,571.65
21No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$777849512$952,700 Tony Dunst$168,342.09
22No Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack$5001,082497$710,550 Allan Cheung$120,082.95
23No Limit Hold'em Knockout$5001,4520$667,920 Raymond Avant$95,476.96*
24No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed$4001,590818$866,880 Nick Binger$133,412.83
25No Limit Hold'em Summer Saver$5001,484671$969,750 Nicholas Kiley$149,244.52
26No Limit Hold'em Grande Finale$5001,677825$1,125,900 Ethan Yau$164,493.99

*includes knockout bounties

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