Why Now May Be The Best Time To Get In On Bundesliga Betting

Written By Derek Helling on May 7, 2020
Bundesliga sportsbook

Germany’s top level of men’s club soccer is set to resume play soon and the timing couldn’t be any better for legal sportsbooks in Nevada. For bettors within the state, now is arguably the best time to invest in Bundesliga betting markets as well.

The amount of uncertainty surrounding Bundesliga could favor bettors. Additionally, the relative lack of North American major sports should create ample opportunity.

Bundesliga betting could take centerstage soon

It would be fair to compare Bundesliga in Germany to the NFL in the United States of America in terms of national popularity. Bundesliga also enjoys a strong following on an international level, however.

Bundesliga draws a lot of the top talent in the men’s game from around the world. A great example of that is 17-year-old US native Giovanna Reyna, who plays for Borussia Dortmund.

Bundesliga’s fixture is renowned for its play because of its ability to attract top talent. Each year, its top two clubs compete in the men’s UEFA Champions League and every four years, many of its players represent their countries in FIFA Men’s World Cup play.

Due to its accomplishments and popularity, most US jurisdictions that allow sports betting include Bundesliga in their allowable events. This goes from straight bets to spreads, totals, futures, parlays, and props.

Nevada is by no means an exclusion to that. In fact, NV may be the home of the best lines on Bundesliga matches because oddsmakers in the state have been at it the longest.

The fact that North American major sports are still suspended or waiting to start play only amplifies the likelihood that NV sportsbooks will create markets on Bundesliga. It may also give them a reason to devote more promotional dollars toward those markets as well.

This particular season is an anomaly. Many factors make this year’s Bundesliga campaign unique, which could signal opportunities for bettors.

How uncertainty could benefit bettors on Bundesliga

When oddsmakers go to handicap these matches, there will be several new questions they have to answer that under normal circumstances don’t come up. Those include:

  • Could rust affect the scoring of matches?
  • Might some players come into resumed play in better shape than others?
  • How will playing in empty stadiums affect matches?

Naturally, these are questions that bettors trying to handicap matches will have to try to answer for themselves as well. The uncertainty may lead to sportsbooks misjudging some matches, however, which could mean payouts for clever bettors.

What seems most certain is that sportsbooks won’t hesitate to take action on Bundesliga despite the uncertainty. Simply put, they need Bundesliga.

In March of this year, gaming revenue dropped by 40% as compared to the same month last year. While the closing of casinos is certainly a significant factor, the lack of options for sportsbooks to offer action on definitely played a role as well.

Among other current options like Korean Baseball and Ukrainian table tennis, Bundesliga boasts an immensely greater following. For that reason, NV sportsbooks are likely to try to milk it for all it is worth as long as this status quo remains.

In turn, Bundesliga betting may never be more lucrative than it will be later this month. There may not be fans in the stands when play resumes but this year may result in more people watching around the globe than ever before.

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