This March Madness Don’t Wait In Line, Bet Online

Written By Marc Meltzer on March 11, 2018
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On a normal day, mobile sports wagering accounts for more than 60 percent of the handle for Nevada sportsbook operator CG Technology. This information comes from the VP of Business Development for CG Technology Matthew Holt on a recent Sharp 600 podcast.

The percentage of the handle from mobile wagering drops massively when there’s a major event. Mobile wagering is closer to 40 percent for CG Technology when there’s a major event like the first weekend of March Madness.

All CG Technology sportsbooks in Nevada are located in Las Vegas, so it’s safe to assume the majority of wagers happen in Las Vegas. Anecdotally, this can be seen at other sportsbooks in Las Vegas casinos that cater mostly to tourists. The casinos farther away from the Vegas Strip tend to have slightly shorter lines to place wagers since many already use mobile wagering apps.

Why sports wagering apps are necessary during March Madness


Nobody visits Las Vegas, or any casino, to stand around for 30 to 60 minutes doing nothing. This is the case at sportsbooks throughout Nevada during the first weekend of March Madness.

There are 16 games on the first two days of the NCAA basketball tournament.There are also people looking to place wagers from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are still longer lines than usual on Saturday and Sunday when there are only eight games per day.

Sports wagering apps help alleviate the time wasted standing in line for anyone visiting a sportsbook in Nevada. It only takes 10-15 minutes to sign up for a mobile sports wagering account.

Once signed up and funded, bettors can wager on games from anywhere inside the state. Since visitors decend on the casinos before game day, it’s wise to set up an account before the crowds arrive to bet.

Being able to wager on a mobile device allows bettors to place wagers and avoid the lines unless there’s a need to fund an account again or withdraw winnings.

In-play wagering

Wagering via mobile app allows bettors to enjoy more ways to gamble on the games. Sportsbook operators offer a variety of in-play wagering options. These wagering opportunities change so frequently that it’s just not possible to stand around to place a bet at the sportsbook.

Last year STN Sports joined William Hill and CG Technology offering in-play wagering. In-play wagering takes sports betting to a whole new level.


Being at a sportsbook or party to watch the first weekend of games at March Madness is great. Besides not leaving a seat to place a wager the mobile wagering apps all bettors to wager from anywhere in the state. The apps allow bettors to spend the day at a pool, any bar or restaurant, and visit anywhere in the state of Nevada.

The ability to wager on March Madness games from anywhere is handy when on a casino vacation. Mobile sports wagering apps allow a guest to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day outide on the Vegas Strip or a DJ dropping beats at a dayclub pool.

Shop around

The ability to open up multiple sports wagering accounts with different sportsbook operators allows bettors to find the best odds around. In Las Vegas a sports bettor can walk from Harrah’s to fund a Caesars Entertainment account, next door to Casino Royale to fund a William Hill account, and next door again to The Venetian to fund a CG Technology account.

The same bettor can cross the street west to fund an MGM Resorts account at The Mirage and an account next door at Treasure Island. After The Venetian, a bettor can also cross the street to the north and fund an account with Wynn Las Vegas.

This will take some time but being able to shop around will allow a sports bettor to find the best lines and hopefully win more often. If a bettor is simply curious about lines available at different sportsbooks they can download most apps (not CG Technology, William Hill or South Point) and just look at what’s available.

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