Celebrate The Highest Highs And Lowest Lows On WSOP.com This Month

Written By Jessica Welman on October 3, 2017
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[toc]Running great at poker is a feeling that is nearly impossible to replicate. Running terribly is something you do not wish on your toughest opponent.

This month, WSOP.com in Nevada is celebrating running like crap and running like God all at the same time. The Nevada online poker room is running a High-Low Leaderboard promotion from Oct. 3-30.

Not your typical poker leaderboard

Every online poker site has its share of leaderboards. In fact, WSOP.com probably has more than anyone else. This leaderboard is a little different though. Not only do the top point getters earn prizes. The bottom of the leaderboard does as well.

First, players need to opt-in to the promotion. They can do that by clicking on the link in the promotional emails WSOP.com sent out. If you did not receive an email, you can also contact support and ask to opt in.

Once you’re signed up for the contest, just start playing multi-table tournaments (MTT). Players earn points for their finishing position in every MTT they play.

WSOP.com then calculates leaderboard points based on the total amount a player won or lost each days, less the buy-ins they spent to play. However, if you think you’ll just buy in to one event, come in last place, and expect to pop up on the Low leaderboard, think again. In order to qualify, players must earn at least 10 leaderboard points.

Moreover, you can only appear on one leaderboard. So, if only a handful of people played and you qualified for both the Low and High leaderboard, you would only appear on one.

$2,000 in cash and prizes each week

The leaderboards reset weekly. Weeks run from midnight on Tuesday to 11:59 p.m. the following Monday.

At the end of each week, the site is giving out $2,000 worth of cash and prizes. The top 20 finishers on each leaderboard gets a piece of the pie.

The High leaderboard winners get the bulk of prizes available, as $1,500 worth of the prizes go to them. The top 20 finishers will get the following amounts of money deposited into their account:

  1. $300
  2. $215
  3. $150
  4. $125
  5. $100
  6. $75
  7. $70
  8. $65
  9. $60
  10. $55
  11. $50
  12. $45
  13. $40
  14. $35
  15. $30
  16. $25
  17. $20
  18. $15
  19. $15
  20. $10

The other $500 in awards goes to the Low leaderboard. While the High leaderboard gets money in their accounts, the Low leaderboard winners get paid out in bonuses, swag, and tournament tickets (trt). The payouts are as follows:

  1. $100 trt
  2. $50 trt (1-$30 trt, 2-$10 trts)
  3. $30 trt (3-$10 trts)
  4. $25 trt
  5. $20 trt (2-$10 trts)
  6. $20 trt (2-$10 trts)
  7. $15 trt (1-$10, 1-$5)
  8. $10 trt
  9. $10 trt
  10. $30 pending bonus
  11. $25 pending bonus
  12. $20 pending bonus
  13. $15 pending bonus
  14. $10 pending bonus
  15. $10 pending bonus
  16. $5 pending bonus
  17. $5 pending bonus
  18. $5 pending bonus
  19. Swag
  20. Swag

The action is already underway, so opt in, log on, and start playing. May you either make quads every hand or lose to a two outer on the river every time.

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